TEAM SPOTLIGHT: Meet Ali Coleman!

In each issue of our STEPS! Newsletter we try to cast the Spotlight on one of our awesome team members to find out more about where they came from and to suss out their connection to dance and supporting the Dance Parade team.  In this issue, we put the spotlight on Ali Coleman.

Hi, Ali. Thanks for taking time out of your busy schedule to talk with us.




What is your current role with Dance Parade?

My current role with Dance Parade is helping to coordinate Sponsorship. For me, I’ve been involved coordinating the House Coalition along with Luis Vargas for 14 years and consider Dance Parade as the Super Bowl of all my events each year!  Having run an ad agency with a lot of nightlife industry contacts, I’m pyshced to join Dance Parade’s Steering Committee, many of whom I’ve known for years.


What are you up to when you’re not helping with Dance Parade?

I am a veteran NYC DJ, party organizer & promoter and Nightlife Advocate.



What is your favorite style of dance to watch? to participate in? 

I Love to watch all styles of dance, but I would say that Pasodoble is my favorite to watch…such power in the movement! My favorite to participate in is ‘Freestyle’…no structure, just free movement.


Check out this video if you would like to know more about Pasodoble!

(sadly we didn’t catch Ali Coleman dancing to it..just yet!)


What is your dance background or interest in dance? 

I’ve always been an avid dancer. I had my 1st dance performance on stage at the age of 5 in my elementary school’s talent show. For me dance is akin to breathing…without dance there is no life!


If you could share the stage with anyone in history famous or not, living or deceased, a trained dancer or not, performing a routine choreographed by yourself…who would it be? 

The Nicholas Brothers, definitely!


Last year we honored immigrants and indiginous dance with “Movement of the People”. The year before, we celebrate the repeal of the Cabaret Law with the theme “The Cabaret of Life” — What does the 2020’s theme “Dance Without Borders ” mean to you? 

Dance Without Boarders confirms what I’ve said for many years now.. I believe that anywhere we go on earth there is music and there are people dancing to that music.


What dance group or dance style are you most looking forward to seeing this coming year in the parade? 

That’s a hard one….Dance Parade is like eating Sashimi…so many spectacular dance styles…impossible to pick just one


If you could choose a Grand Marshal for this year’s parade….who would it be? 

Francois K.


If you could pick another country to hold a Dance Parade and Festival….which would it be? 

Germany, Amsterdam…Japan would be phenomenal!!



Working for a non profit organization can at times be daunting and frustrating with limited personnel and funding….what is it that keeps you coming back for more and more? 

Dance Parade encompasses everything that I believe at my core. It involves all cultures sharing in one of our most ancient communal activities! It’s one of my favorite days of the year!!


Describe a special memory you have from Dance Parades past? 

One of my special memories is of the very 1st parade…I remember being very excited for that day to arrive, and didn’t even dance in the 1st parade. Instead I stood on the corner of 5th Ave between 8th street & Washington Square (north) to capture the parade on video!! Just thinking about it now has a big smile on my face!


What pitch would you use to attract a new volunteer onto the Dance Parade team?

Dance Parade is absolutely the most fun you’ll ever have working!!!

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