Dance Parade is a 501(c)3 non-profit supported by a passionate team of dance lovers. In this issue we put the team spotlight on Paul Saltzberg!

What is your current role with Dance Parade?
My current role on the day of Dance Parade is helping to organize 75 floats & vehicles. I usually escort our friends at NYPD Highway Patrol through the lineup to inspect the wacky art cars.
What are you up to when you’re not helping with Dance Parade?
I am an actor, enjoy watching sports and keeping in shape, inline and dance skating and my latest hobby–making big bubbles in Central park for tips.
How did you first find out about Dance Parade?
I first heard of the Dance Parade from my friend Greg Miller who I knew from skate dancing in Central Park.
What is your favorite style of dance to watch? To participate in? 
My favorite (current) style of dance would be break dancing. And   I like to participate in skate-dancing like at the Central Park dance circle.
My dance background is being the brother of professional Ballerina & Gyrotonic Master Trainer Ms. Debra Rose Saltzberg. Our parents took us to Broadway musicals, and my father & I used to sneak into Juillard Nutcracker ballets.


If you could share the stage with anyone in history famous or not, living or deceased, a trained dancer or not, performing a routine choreographed by yourself…who would it be? 

I would share the stage with my nephew Forrest Charles. (Or my 2nd choice is my cousin, Jacob Reiben)


There are over 100 groups signed up so far and over 60 unique styles of dance. What dance group or dance style are you most looking forward to seeing this coming May 18th in the parade? 

I am most interested in the dance styles chosen by the children. Then by any dance skaters, break Dancers, and anyone else who wants participate because I will be cheering them on.


If you could choose a Grand Marshal for this year’s parade….who would it be? 

If I could choose a Grand Marshall I would nominate my sister Debra Rose, then a
Mr. Alonzo King, Lead Choreographer of “Lines Dance Company (SF, CA). Then Mr. James Singley. (He is accomplished) He helped choreograph on Broadway, in a skate scene.


If you could pick another country to hold a Dance Parade and Festival….which would it be? 

I would pick England, Israel, or Germany, Holland, Spain, Switzerland or Australia to hold another dance parade. It’d be fabulous to share multi-culturalism on another continent.


Working for a non profit organization can at times be daunting and frustrating with limited personnel and funding….what is it that keeps you coming back for more and more? 

I come back and volunteer because my time is so precious to me. Every minute someone volunteers is a gift. And I think gifts are what make this world a better place. I am so grateful to have this opportunity.
Just last year it rained and we all got a little wet, (we expected rain & we dressed accordingly) but we all continued & did our best and there were smiles from the start of the parade to the end of the festival.
I do promote the dance parade and I say, ” have you heard about the dance parade, we will be holding our 13th annual on Saturday, May 18th @ 1pm beginning at Broadway & 21st street, etc. Here is our website. We need more good volunteers, I volunteer each year. It’s a lot of fun!”
Thanks Paul for your time and sharing your story!  Dance Praade is just week’s away. Join the team by filling out this short form here.