Dance Parade promotes dance through the celebration of diversity by presenting as many forms of dance as possible. We believe that live performance has the potential to awaken a communal human spirit and helps build a more equitable and vibrant society.

In order to produce New York City's largest dance event, we invest in a lot of expensive infrastructure, as well as have the opportunity to support artists.

If awarded, a scholarship with Dance Parade may provide:
- Registration fee waiver
- Vehicle fee waiver
- Audio or Float support
- Performance stipend

Scholarships are decided on a rolling basis every two weeks with a final deadline March 1, 2023.
We will award scholarships to a limited number of dance organizations based in the U.S. from small community-based grassroots organizations who would otherwise not be able to attend the parade. We will take the following four criteria into account in making the awards:
(1) Annual Budget
(2) Marginalized Community Organization
(3) Artistry
(4) History

Upon submitting this application, we ask that you or your group help promote the event to your community by creating at least two posts to social media (Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram) and tag us @danceparadenyc. This is required for your scholarship application to be considered. You may [Save & Resume] your application with the link at the bottom of this form. Estimated time to complete this application is between 5-10 minutes.
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This year, Dance Parade is asking its Board, Team, and Artists to collectively help fundraise to offset the cost of performing and teaching fees.

Dance Parade's Board of Directors is tripling ever dollar donated in a 3:1 match to ensure that over 1500 students receive quality dance education and creates memories to last a lifetime.
This month (December, 2022), please create a post on social media (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter) for our 2022 #DanceParadeNYC Year-End Campaign campaign. For example:
"We support Dance Parade NY and their year-end Campaign raising funds to ensure that over 1500 students receive quality dance education! "

Feel free to get creative, express your excitement for this year's parade & festival, and help build awareness around NYC's largest dance event with your post. And don't forget to tag @danceparadenyc
A link to a social media post about Dance Parade's #GivingTuesday campaign is required in order for scholarship applications to be considered.
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