Jackie Cohen
Volunteer Coordinator & Sound Monitoring Lead







Jackie aka DJ Jedeye Jaxx is a DJ, MC, and dancer born and raised in Coney Island, Brooklyn. She grew up on soulful music including Jazz, Afro, Jazz, and Motown with a single turntable. When she was a kid she would play two tapes at the same time trying to match the beat, which was a strong indication she would be become a DJ.

Jackie's dance studies and travels to countries such as Senegal and Brazil have influenced her dance styles and spirituality.  In the 90’s, she  heard the best music in the world at clubs such as  Club Shelter and the Sound Factory Bar.  If you were there, you would have seen her doing floor moves, spins using baby powder while diving to the floor.

Since then, she has worked many years in the social services field where she incorporated the arts to help and motivate people in need. She then pursued her degree in broadcasting so that she could use these skills to inspire the youth in the community she grew up in.

With the influences of the works of great DJs such as, Frankie Knuckles, Timmy Regisford, Kim Lightfoot, Louie Vega, and the motivation of her dear friends Frankie Paradise and DJ Lamont, have lead her back to her love of djing.  With her zany, bubbly personality, she works as a Co-Host/ DJ for a radio show called Blaqnoize, a DJ for the Happiness Lounge and has been a guest on radio stations such as Cyberjamz and WHCR 90.3.

One of Jackie’s rituals has been her participation as a dancer for the House Coalition Float of the NYC Dance Parade for 12 years. She volunteered to be the Sound Czar in 2017 and had a blast.  In 2018 she became the Volunteer Coordinator and Sound Monitoring Team .

When Jackie is not on the wax she trains in Chinese Pole, Contortion and other acrobatic works.  Even when the music is not on, it continues to spin in her mind.