Thanks for pitching in to support Dance Parade!  The light rain for most of the day (and at times heavy rain) made producing the 17th Annual Dance Parade and Festival very challenging and as with all parades in Manhattan, it was not possible to cancel and have a rain date.

That said, we love organizing and inspiring dance. After each Dance Parade and Festival we ask our entire team to take a few minutes to fill out a brief survey. Just 11 questions!  (If you did not work the parade or festival this year but got the survey nonetheless then please ignore this.)

We realize that there's a lot of time invested in making it all happen and we want to make sure we hear from everyone to find out how we can do better next time. We then consolidate the responses, research and discuss any major issues and construct our 2023-2024 business plan in a way that improves on the previous year.

For any legal issues or if you feel like you were treated unfairly by another team member, note them here and report them to your team leader or Executive Director Greg Miller ( Such issues will be addressed confidentially and if not resolved, an independent ombudsman will be hired to intervene and mediate a solution. Thanks for your time and for your thoughts on how to improve our beloved event after 17 years!

(select 1 - 17 from the dropbox)
(select 1 - 17 from the dropbox)
(Monday February 6 7:30pm, Monday February 27 7:30pm, Tuesday March 28 7:30pm, Monday April 17 7:30pm, Thursday April 27, 7:30pm)