The New York Grandstand: Princess Lockerooo, opens the parade with a Waacking Flashmob. Get your freak on and dance out to DJ Liquid Todd, watch or participate in dance battles, tutu jams, cultural spotlights, witness the "Confinamiento de la Policía de Danza (NYDP)", and take part in Barbara Ann Michaels' “I Dance Like You!” showcase. The free registration includes vibrant virtual backgrounds for participants to use on Zoom.

Ceremonia de corte de listón : Para arrancar el evento familiar, habrá una ceremonia oficiada por el Maestro de Ceremonias Jungle para rendir homenaje a los trabajadores de salud y para introducir a nuestras celebridades de la danza Gran Mariscal: Award winning modern bailar en el DEsfile de la Danzaance choreographer David Dorfman, Masala Bhangra pioneer Sarina Jain, SiriusXM Radio DJ Liquid Todd, and world-renowned dance artist Princess Lockerooo.

DanceFest Teaching Stage: Pick up dance moves from five diverse dance styles. Strike-A-Pose in Princess Lockeroo’s Waacking class, learn Kick-Ball Changes in David Dorfman's Master Modern class, experience traditional Indian Bhangra with Sarina Jain, learn Salsa Shines with Barbara Bernstein from DanceInTime and Zumba with Laci Chisholm’s Fit4Dance.

Dare to Dance Challenge: See the winners of Dance Parade's video contest that challenged choreographers to connect to their dancers remotely during this period of isolation and social distancing, Thanks to Nancy Steele of STEELE DANCE, three winners will receive cash prizes will have their one-minute videos premiered.

Grandstand Show: Relive the actual Dance Parade in New York City with Emcee Shireen Dickson. Hear interviews of artistic directors and get an inside glimpse of the stories behind diverse types of dance culture.

Participation is FREE - Donations appreciated: DONAR