BE A ‘STAR`’ — Dance down Broadway and join over 10,000 dancers moving and grooving to over 100 styles of dance in the 16th Annual Dance Parade! Our 2022 Parade registration is open to everyone who commits to dancing in the parade.  It's free to join a group who is marked "Open" below. Come dance with us Saturday May 21st!

COVID-19 Pandemic Update (as of 11/1/21):  In order to respect and honor the millions who have fallen ill and over 760,000 who have died, Team Dance Parade, in conjunction with its Board of Directors, City and Health authorities, is currently planning a safe and successful parade and festival.  Currently all attendees above the age of 12, will be required to be fully vaccinated against COVID-19 .  (see our full health and safety protocols here)

The Earlybird Registration Fee for groups is $50 per group and an additional $85 if you will bring a vehicle to transport a sound system.  There is no fee if you're joining an already registered group and under-resourced groups may apply for a scholarship fee waiver ahead of the deadline April 10th.

Individual Dancer: Free

As a member of a group or newbie to a group. Everyone must register:

Generally, individual dancers can join Dance Groups who do not have coordinated costumes or choreography.


(i.e. Dance Company, School, Nightclub, Burning Man Camp, etc):

In addition to the promotional benefits from website & printed program listings, group registration also includes free registration for DanceFest at the conclusion of the parade and our Community Engagement Programs throughout the year. Both DanceFest and our Community Engagement Programs offer payments for teaching and performances.


March 1, Deadline to request a GoFundMe campaign so your community can fundraise a parade float

April 1, Deadline to register for a scholarship fee waiver and deadline to register to perform for DanceFest

April 30, Deadline to register a group, vehicle or float

May 18 (Wed), Noon - Press Conference on Steps of City Hall, NYC

May 21 (Sat), 10am - 11am: Parade check-in for Vehicles at 22nd St & Park Ave (for registered vehicles only)

May 21 (Sat), 10am - 2:00pm: Parade check-in for all Parade Group Coordinators at Northeast corner of 21st & Broadway (for registered parade group coordinators only)

Ways to Dance with Sound

Each year Dance Parade gathers 200+ organizations, 10,000+ dancers and 75 vehicles and floats.  We manage these logistics by offering the below sound and vehicle options. Though higher budget options provide the most comprehensive sound for your dancers, low budget scenarios are also available:

A) Get paired with another group with same or similar dance genre: Free

Most feasible and affordable option usually for groups without budget for sound; (i.e if you are a tango group parade production team will place you behind another tango group that has sound); Deadline April 30, 2022

B) Bring portable sound unit: Battery or generator powered: Free

On a dolly, cart, or (non gasoline) cycle; Generally multiple speakers & generator powered are loudest.

C) Rent portable Sound Pod ($250)

For 2022, we are pleased to once again work with Mobile Sound Staging, who has engineered a bluetooth weather-resistant speaker with 12 hour+ battery life. The pods are engineered with a 1000watt Sound Box Speaker raised 8ft above the ground on a tripod with heavy duty wheels. One speaker should be enough sound for 25-30 dancers, casting sound a good half block in every direction. Click here to see the video and order

D) Bring vehicle to transport your sound: (Earlybird $85 fee)

Up to 75 vehicles are permitted into Dance Parade. Gas powered art cars, pickup trucks with generator in bed, van or trailer: $85 until March 31, $125 until April 30 deadline; Maximum 4-6 speakers permitted.

E) Fundraise a Pre-Packaged Parade Float on GoFundMe (Setup deadline 3/1/22)

Same as (F) below but we can set up a GoFundMe campaign for you including Perks for your donors. Donations falling short of the April 30th Float + Sound goal can go toward portable speaker option or be refunded (less a 20% fee).

F) Order a Pre-Packaged Parade Float ($2800-$4800, deadline 4/30/22)

Turnkey solution complete with decorations, advertising, sound system with fueled generator and tow-vehicle--Just show up and dance on this moving stage!

Sound Patrol & Good Neighbor Policy:

However you participate, please be mindful of our Good Neighbor Policy and Sound Patrol who make ticket you for excessive sound. Repeated violations will result in removal from the parade. See video below for more information about this policy.

May 21, 2022 Parade Logistics

Parade Production Assistant Lead Adele Godfrey dances through the logistics for the Parade and Festival.

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Adele offers suggestions and explains parade rules in an effort to make the parade fun for everyone.

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Parade Production Assistant Lead Adele Godfrey explains our Sound Patrol and Good Neighbor Policy, ensuring an enjoyable and sustainable Dance Parade.

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