你就是纽约城的焦点 —— 参加第14届舞蹈嘉年华的大巡游,加入庞大万人队伍,一路沿着Broadway南行,展示逾百种各式舞姿 17th Annual Dance Parade! Our 2023 Parade Earlybird registration is open to everyone who commits to 你可以组队参加,  It's free to join a group who is marked "Open" below. Come dance with us Saturday May 20th!

COVID-19 Pandemic Update (as of 9/15/22): Dance Parade recommends (but does not require) full vaccinations for participants in our events.  (see our full health and safety protocols here)

There is no fee if you're joining an already registered group and under-resourced groups may apply for a scholarship fee waiver ahead of the deadline April 1st, 2023

Individual Dancer: Free

As a member of a group or newbie to a group. Everyone must register:

Generally, individual ancers can join Dance Groups who do not have coordinated costumes or choreography.

Group: $112.50 for groups up to 500 dancers (gas powered vehicles are extra)

(i.e. Dance Company, School, Nightclub, Burning Man Camp, etc):

In addition to the promotional benefits from website & printed program listings, group registration also includes the opportunity to be paid through our Community Engagement Programs throughout the year. 


March 28, 7:30pm Parade Group Coordinators Zoom Meeting

April 1, Deadline to register for a scholarship fee waiver and deadline to put down a float deposit and to register to perform at DanceFest 

April 17 (Mon) & 27 (Thu), 7:30pm Parade Group coordinators Zoom Meeting

April 29 (Sat), International Dance Day Party at Friends & Lovers

April 30, Deadline to register a group, vehicle or float

May 17 (Wed), Noon - Press Conference on Steps of City Hall, NYC

May 20 (Sat), 9am - 10am: Parade check-in for Vehicles at 18th St & 5th Ave (for registered vehicles only)

May 20 (Sat), 10am - 2pm: Parade check-in for all Parade Group Coordinators at the Parade Start at 17th St & 5th Ave (for registered parade group coordinators only).
Parade begins at Noon. Festival is from 3pm-7pm

Ways to Dance with Sound

Each year Dance Parade gathers 200+ organizations, 10,000+ dancers and 75 vehicles and floats.  We manage these logistics by offering the below sound and vehicle options. Though higher budget options provide the most comprehensive sound for your dancers, low budget scenarios are also available:

1. Cheapest Option - Many of our first time group participants choose to dance with the sound provided by another group.  Are you a salsa group? Then we'll have you dance behind another salsa group that is willing to share their sound!

2. Bring your own sound -- Having amplified sound outdoors is always challenging and can be expensive. We allow vehicles to transport up to 6 speakers (preferably 4)Up to 60 vehicles are permitted in the parade. Although there is an additional vehicle fee for gas powered vehicles, this may be a good option. Generator powered sound systems are the best. Generators require gasoline and can be rented from Home Depot for $75.

3. Rent a Sound-Pod from us -- we work with a sound company who provides a single SoundBoks speaker on a wheeled platform. that is known as the loudest wireless speaker in the world. $350 Limited Supply:

4. Get a Parade Float from us -- We work with the largest, most reliable float company in the Northeast to make your dreams come true! This is a turnkey approach and after submitting your designs, just show up on Parade Day and dance the day away. Feature up to 3 sponsors. Given enough time (prior to March 15), we will set up a GoFundMe fundraiser. Floats start at $3000 cost depending on size, design and audio options.

Not sure what to do? Our Production Team can help! Leave us a message on 267-350-9213 and we'll get back to you with a solution!


Sound Patrol & Good Neighbor Policy:

However you participate, please be mindful of our Good Neighbor Policy and Sound Patrol who make ticket you for excessive sound. Repeated violations will result in removal from the parade. See video below for more information about this policy.

Parade Production Assistant Lead Adele Godfrey explains our Sound Patrol and Good Neighbor Policy, ensuring an enjoyable and sustainable Dance Parade.

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Parade Production Assistant Lead Adele Godfrey explains our Sound Patrol and Good Neighbor Policy, ensuring an enjoyable and sustainable Dance Parade.

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2023 Parade Group Coordinators Meetings