Thanks for your interest to join our team! We seek passionate, talented supporters who want to give back to their city and help make an impact. We reward volunteers with a 2024 DANCE TO BE FREE t-shirt, free entry to pre-event and after parties, Dancing Matters performance club tickets, drinks and food at meetings, emotional nourishment and invaluable networking and friendships for life.

Please fill out this brief form. Upon submission a member from our Steering Committee will reach out to follow-up!

Though some on our team will use Dance Parade email, please let us know your personal email to be used for initial meeting invitations.
We value inclusion and diversity not only in our events but also on our support team.
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T-shirts are Unisex sizes and will be worn on at the Dance Parade and Festival
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Dance Parade Values Statements. All members of Dance Parade agree to:

1) Further Dance Parade, Inc's mission that exists to promote dance as an expressive and unifying art form by showcasing all forms of dance, educating the general public about the opportunities to experience dance, and celebrating diversity of dance by sponsoring a yearly city-wide dance parade and dance festival.

2.) DP’s Values: Achieving our mission requires great people who are bright, creative, energetic and with these values:
* Integrity and honesty
* Team players
* Promoting innovation
* Willingness to take on big challenges and see them through
* Embracing others’ differences with respect
* Delivering excellence
* Selfless, positive attitude, committed to personal excellence
* Passion about Dance and enhancing the lives of people in our communities
* Accountable for commitments, results, and quality to DP performers, sponsors, government and staff
* Communicating openly and often

3) Fairness & Anti-abuse policy: We do not tolerate physical, sexual, emotional or verbal abuse or misconduct of any kind or making abusive statements in regard to a person's race, gender, religion, nationality, ethnicity, sex or age.

4.) Be a Volunteer: Unless you are offered a contract as independent contractor, your work for DP is on an “at will” volunteer basis without expectation of financial gain.

5) Be Available: DP recognizes the needs of staff to attend to personal and job matters however, committee members agree to participate in meetings and conference calls to the best of their ability, and to be available by email and by phone.

6) Actively participate in planning and preparation.

7) Confidentiality: I understand that some of the information I receive as a DP volunteer may be of a sensitive nature. I agree not to share any such information with any and all third parties outside of DP.

8) Allow Ownership of created materials to stay with DP: Any and all worldwide intellectual property rights in any creations and/ or contributions I perform as a volunteer of DP shall belong to DP and be considered a “work made for hire” under U.S. law, with DP as the sole and exclusive owner of all rights, title and interest thereof. All information and contacts gathered by DP staff is to be shared appropriately to DP staff. All images and artwork created as a volunteer is to be stored in a central location for multiple personnel use.

This Agreement shall go into effect upon applicant's submission and remain in effect as long as member is working with DP. A member’s failure to adhere to these responsibilities can result in his or her dismissal from the team.