Fill out this brief form to dance in the parade May 18, 2024. Once registered just show up on parade day at 12 noon at the parade start (West 17th & 5th Avenue) and you will be guided to the lineup and join the group for the genre that you choose.
Enter the dance group you'd like to dance with. Most likely, if the group does not have coordinated costumes or choreography, you will be permitted to dance behind their sound system or float.
My intention is to participate in this year’s Annual Dance Parade and Festival (“DanceFest”) following the parade, but does not create any binding relationship or obligations between me and Dance Parade, Inc. I understand also that, while Dance Parade and the City of New York will make reasonable efforts to ensure the safety of all Dance Parade participants, Dance Parade’s safety relies foremost on the safe behavior of its participants, and by registering I assume responsibility for my safety and will act with caution, courtesy, and prudence, and comply with all relevant laws and regulations throughout the event. I hold harmless Dance Parade, its officers, staff and volunteers for any liabilities incurred to me in the Dance Parade and DanceFest except in the case of Dance Parade Inc.’s gross negligence. I agree to refrain from physical, sexual, emotional or verbal abuse or misconduct of any kind or form making abusive statements in regard to a person’s race, gender, religion, nationality, ethnicity, sex or age. I also agree that during Dance Parade and DanceFest my image may be captured without compensation. By registering for Dance Parade I understand that my email address will be subscribed to Dance Parade mailings including STEPS!, the Dance Parade Newsletter. Lastly, I understand that participation in Dance Parade New York is a privilege granted to us by the City of New York, and which will be granted to us in the future only thanks to Dance Parade participants’ exemplary civic behavior. I agree to make my utmost effort to ensure that Dance Parade is both fun and safe, and to leave nothing behind during or after Dance Parade in order to minimize cleanup demands.
The parade will begin at Noon starting at West 17th Street & 6th Avenue. Enter the lineup at 17th Street & 5th Avenue. Group Lineup times will be posted a week prior to the May 18th, 2024 parade on our "Dance In the Parade" page. Thanks for participating -- Looking forward to dancing with you! ~Team Dance Parade