This form is for groups only. Parade registration is open to any group who commits to dancing in the parade. In order to offset our production costs, there is a $112.50 group registration fee and an additional $191.50 applies to groups bringing a gas powered vehicle into the parade.

This parade application includes the opportunity to present your artistry at our 5 stage festival after the parade with an extended submission deadline of 3/31/24. Additionally we offer the opportunity to be hired participation of being hired into our Community Engagement programs, paid teaching and performance opportunities throughout the year. You may click "Save & Resume" at the bottom of this form to save your data before submitting to our team. Feel free to reach out to or leave of us a message on 267-350-9213 if you have any questions!
(enter the name of dance company, team, school, or group as it should appear in the parade program)


(support for travel in the form of hotels and visas not provided)
If you don't have a website, enter 'NA' (not available).
Social Media handles allow us to promote your organization! For example: @danceparadenyc If you don't have Facebook, enter 'NA' (not available).
For example: @danceparadenyc If you don't have Instagram, enter 'NA' (not available).
For example: @danceparadenyc
For example: @danceparadenyc


Groups with compelling artistic presentations may be selected to present 40 seconds of their dance at the Astor Place Grand Stand and may be provided a stipend. If you would like to be considered please provide a video link and if password protected, include the password after the link (i.e. password = "sunshine")
Be specific. For example, instead of entering "Bolivian", enter "Bolivian Carporales" or "Bolivian Tinkus". We are looking to present New York City with the world's largest display of cultural diversity!
This number can change. For planning purposes, we just want to know what maximum size your group might grow to.
If yes, you will be given the option to upload your organization's 300DPI (high resolution) logo along with a link to order from our online store with color, style and size options. T-shirts are $25 plus shipping, and will be printed with your logo on the front and with the official logo, date & theme for 2024. Orders shipped within the United States can be sent in bulk to one address or you can distribute the link so that your team can purchase individually.
If no music, we will try to place you with another group that has music similar to your dance style
Generally, groups with choreography and costumes answer "No" while groups wanting to expand their communities answer "Yes"
*Sound Pods and Dance Parade Floats are available for rental while supplies last: **Gas powered vehicles should only be brought to transport sound devices. Due to limited space, a Vehicle Fee applies: $135 early bird rate on or before February 28th. Rate increases to $191.25 starting March 1st.

Vehicles will be inspected by NYPD for safety and must not exceed 13.5ft in height, 8ft in width and trailer 32ft in length.


We invite the groups of artistic excellence to perform on stage. There is no additional fee for filling out this section and we actually pay stipends to those teaching and performing artists chosen by our Curatorial Committee. You must be in the Parade to participate in DanceFest 2024, our post-parade festival in Tompkins Square Park. If accepted, you'll be notified by the festival committee in April.

DanceFest's Curation Committee is currently a team of five dance-industry professionals with extensive experience in many forms of dance. The Committee is interested in presenting all dance forms and genres, including culturally-specific dance forms and dance-theater in addition to classical and contemporary choreography. Artist submissions that contain an audience engagement element are also welcome.

DanceFest strives to present artistic excellence and cultural diversity. Stage A (Main Stage 28ft x 20ft) and Stage B (Community Stage 20ft x 20ft) stages have a green room and porttapottie. These performances tend to be 3-8 minutes in length. The Social Stage is our party area and designed for club and circus performances. Site specific performances will occur throughout the park and feature performances exceeding 60 minutes for contemporary, folkloric and cultural dances.

You can login at another time up until the March 1st 2024 deadline to complete the DanceFest application however early applications have an increased chance for placement.
Paid performance and teaching opportunities at DanceFest after the parade are offered only to Dance Parade participants.


As a participant in the Dance Parade you may qualify for our Community Engagement programs in which we pay artists for teaching and performance opportunities in the NYC area.
Inquiries can be made via this form:
or by writing to Community Engagement Director Carlye Eckert
With this form submission I agree to participate in this year’s Annual Dance Parade and Festival (“DanceFest”) following the parade, but does not create any binding relationship or obligations between me and Dance Parade, Inc. I understand that once remitted, all registration fees and all other monies paid by me or on my behalf are non-refundable and are deemed a contribution to our 501(c)3 non-profit organization regardless of actual participation in the parade or festival. I understand also that, while Dance Parade and the City of New York will make reasonable efforts to ensure the safety of all Dance Parade participants, Dance Parade’s safety relies foremost on the safe behavior of its participants, and by registering, I assume responsibility for my safety and the safety of everyone in my group, and I represent and warrant that everyone in my group will act with caution, courtesy, and prudence, and comply with all relevant laws and regulations throughout the event. My group holds harmless Dance Parade, its officers, staff and volunteers for any and all liability incurred by my group, individually and collectively, in the Dance Parade and DanceFest except in the case of Dance Parade Inc.’s gross negligence. Your ticket is valid only if purchased directly from this website on DanceParade.Org. Any tickets purchased second-hand or via third party vendors cannot be validated or accommodated in the event. Reselling a ticket above face value goes against the spirit of the event. I agree on behalf of my group, individually and collectively, to refrain from physical, sexual, emotional or verbal abuse or misconduct of any kind or form making abusive statements in regard to a person’s race, gender, religion, nationality, ethnicity, sex or age. I also agree on behalf of my group, individually and collectively, that during Dance Parade and DanceFest our images may be captured and used without compensation for news and/or information and/or for the purposes of trade and/or for advertising and/or promotional purposes, provided, however, no direct endorsement by any such person of any product or service (other than the Parade itself) shall be used without such person’s written consent. By registering for Dance Parade I understand that my email address will be subscribed to Dance Parade mailings including STEPS!, the Dance Parade Newsletter. Lastly, I understand that participation in Dance Parade New York is a privilege granted to us by the City of New York, and which will be granted to us in the future only thanks to Dance Parade participants’ exemplary civic behavior. I agree to make my utmost effort to ensure that Dance Parade is both fun and safe, and to leave nothing behind during or after Dance Parade in order to minimize cleanup demands. Additionally, Dance Parade reserves the right to cancel registration if it is determined that dance organizations are involved for political or commercial reasons not supporting dance. It's the Dance Parade and everyone dances!