Brian K. Austin
Creative Team Co-Lead


The art of brand & web development has been a part of Brian's life before he even knew how important it would be in his life. Starting from Comic Books, Encyclopedias, Video Games, Food and Performing Arts were all a catalyst for amazing things to come.

An Albany University Class of 2002 graduate with a B.A. in Information Technology, and a Minor in Fine Arts. Brian was able to jump start his career as a Web and Art Coordinator for local government beginning in 2005. Taking a concept that is normally bland, and reimagining it in such a way that it translates so that the public is able to find information and receive it. With a teaching spark ignited at The Food Operators Expo, he was able to introduce a world of information to small businesses to elevate both their Digital & Physical Brand footprint.

Brian has done voice over work for video games such as the Halo Series. He has also put together and developed various events with New York Tokyo, The Cut, Paste Design Tournament, as well as being the creative co-lead for 14 years with the New York Dance Parade.

The goal is simple. Inspire people through Art. Fortify people’s brand through smart design.