Brian K. Austin
Creative Team Co-Lead



Brian Keith Austin is a visionary that gets into the groove when it comes to creativity, branding, and more importantly inspiring others so that we can all "Win Together". Life is a Dance for Brian Keith. It is also a very big canvas. Working with local government agencies and community leaders by day doing brand development followed by conversations on how we can make our communities stronger, and then switching up the canvas to do things off the beaten path being a master of ceremonies for various events such as  New York Tokyo Music Festival with UniQlo, Gamers Nite Groove, Konkrete Jungle, Cut & Paste Design tournament, SayWord Entertainment & Electronic Dance music parties with some amazing acts! An Albany State University Graduate with a Major in Information Technology / Fine Arts Minor brings his skills to the dance floor as a creative for Dance Parade.  Being an active member since Dance Parades beginning, He volunteers his time to listen, share ideas, and then execute by give his creative expertise to make sure that Dance Parade can reach new heights for everyone to enjoy and be engaged. Inspired by the art of movement. His dance styles come from House & Hip-hop with a splash of Capoeira. Brian Keith's Biggest inspiration when it comes to dance, art and self expression is his Cousin Erik Alexander. "If it wasn't for that Attitude while on the dance floor let alone Life, I'd never know how to bust a move."- BK.