Floats and Vehicles

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Dance Parade New York will have magnificent floats, plus wacky vehicles like those you might have seen in the Art Parade, Burning Man and other progressive festivals!

Once your organization registers, you will receive meeting information through which you can join us to learn and ask questions about how to enter a parade float or simple audio system.  To register a group, click here.

Either you can create your own float or Dance Parade can arrange one for you. There is a $25 fee for entering a vehicle into the parade.  Whether you bring your float or use one of ours, it is necessary to read, complete and and agree to our Vehicle Entry form which is part of the dance group registration form by April 30th, 2015.  For registered groups, you can do this by logging into your account with your username & password and clicking [Register] or [Update] on your profile.

Deliveries to the formation area can also be made for pre-packaged parade floats which include a vehicle to pull a float, a trained driver, insurance, and optional sound system. Such Packages are expensive and vary in cost depending on float size, sound system chosen and logos or custom decorations. If you would like customized logos and decorations, please place your order as soon as possible. Email floats@danceparade.org to see various turnkey solutions in the Package Order Sheet.

Screen shot 2014-04-17 at 4.04.39 PMFor 2015 we have the unique opportunity to provide a fun, decorated sound solution at an affordable price. Up to 8 Lady Buggies have been provided to Dance Parade for a bargain price of $500 and include delivery to parade formation, fully charged battery and sound system. Click here for pictures and description. (Driver not included) ”

We suggest audio systems that can be pulled in a wagon, on a tricycle, rickshaw or anything environmentally friendly! Although we can not guarantee loud sound (80db at A-rating), we do suggest an audio art which can be pulled from the street.

Generators are available from Home Depot in Brooklyn for $61/day
No reservations–First come first serve. They are open 24 hours!
550 Hamilton Avenue, Brooklyn, New York   (718) 832-8553

Dance Parade generously supports dance groups looking to perform/celebrate dance with us. In addition to our scholarship program for Dance Group Participation Fees, we will devote a limited amount of funds necessary to discount parade floats as well as contribute our expert staff to help build them.

Upon registering for the parade there is a section on float requests, for more inforation, you can also email: floats@danceparade.org