Hello and thanks for your interest to be apart of TEA LAB! The purpose of this form is to gather ideas for activating the TEA LAB during Decompression's BELIEVE event and to record when our TEA-m is available to setup, serve tea and strike the space.

Our official mission: "Conducting R&D on building community, using our patent pending blend of Simplici-Tea as the gift that gets things flowing!"

Tell us your Tea Lab name. Most of us by the prefix Dr. ____ to underscore our CreativiTEA. Don't have one now? You can use Dr. (firstname) and change it later!
Please list an email you check regularly
We promote our events through Facebook and would love to tag you in pics and be social with our TEAm and friends
Let us know your mobile number. We will communicate by What's App Group text so if you have a different What's App number, please let us know that here.
(lead Periodic Table Bingo, play music, conduct tea ceremony, serve tea, or....?) *
We are planning to load in (build out the space) a day or two in advance of the party. Please offer at least 4+ hours in which you can plan, serve tea or do activities. (You will be provided a comp valued at $80-$100, a lab coat and all the tea you can drink!) *
With this form submission I agree that this signifies my intention to participate in TEA LAB but does not create any binding relationship or obligations between me and TEA LAB, BURNING MAN NYC, THE KNOCKDOWN CENTER (Venue) or the organizers of DECOM'S BELIEVE event. I hold harmless TEA LAB, BURNING MAN NYC, THE KNOWCKDOWN CENTER as well as my TEA LAB TEAmates for any liabilities incurred to me at the DECOM'S BELIEVE EVENT or with the TEA LAB. I agree to use consent when interacting with tea-mates and guests, act in a professional manner and refrain from physical, sexual, emotional or verbal abuse or misconduct of any kind or form making abusive statements in regard to a person’s race, gender, religion, nationality, ethnicity, sex or age.