Our friends at Mobile Staging once again have a great solution for decent audio performance at a cost effective price. Mike Laino and his team have identified the 'SoundBoks' brand as the loudest wireless outdoor speaker that has a 40+hr battery life, making it ideal for parades. Working with his metal shop in Long Island, Mike's engineers came up with the solution to hoist the speaker on a pole & dolly system to maximize sound dispersal.

This number can change. For planning purposes we just want to know what maximum size your group might grow to.
With this form submission I agree that this signifies my intention to rent and operate a Sound Pod in this year’s Annual Dance Parade, but does not create any binding relationship or obligations between me and Dance Parade, Inc. I understand that once remitted, the sound pod rental fee is non-refundable as it has already been paid for by Dance Parade. I agree to refrain from physical, sexual, emotional or verbal abuse or misconduct of any kind or form making abusive statements in regard to a person’s race, gender, religion, nationality, ethnicity, sex or age. Lastly, I understand that participation in Dance Parade New York is a privilege granted to us by the City of New York, and which will be granted to us in the future only thanks to Dance Parade participants’ exemplary civic behavior. I agree to operate my Sound Pod only during the parade with sound checks only during parade formation. I understand that registration is not final until I have completed payment on the next screen.