Organizers gear up for Dance Parade 2024 amid pushfor revised zooning , May 15, 2024

EXCERPT: CITY HALL, Manhattan -- Dance Free NYC celebrates the fact that zoning will be revised but it's also a state of consciousness. When you get out of your mind into your body, you are free!

Rain didn’t slow down the glamorous Dance Parade in the East Village with 10,000 performers 

EXCERPT: "Despite the rain, the dancers had big smiles and plenty of energy as they stopped to perform their routines for the folks in the grandstand located on Astor Place. Sometimes covered in ponchos or armed with umbrellas, the dance troupes made the best of the 45 second time limit imposed on them by the organizers."

Dancing during the Pandemic, Voice of America, Jul 8, 2020

SYNOPSIS: Executive Director of Dance Parade, Greg Miller, gives a recap of what it was like to produce Dance Parade online to thousands online from 24 countries

Open Show on Bronxnet: 14th Annual Dance Parade and Festival goes Virtual, May 14, 2020

SYNOPSIS: Host, Rhina Valentin hears about the Dance Without Borders Virtual Dance Parade and Festival that will feature different cultures of dance.

Online edition: "Where 100 Styles Fit into 20 City Blocks" by Siobhan Burke, May 21, 2019
Print edition: "Uniting in a Groovy, Spinning and Foot-Stomping Way" by Siobhan Burke, May 22, 2019

EXCERPT: “This year we’re looking at immigrant rights and countering a lot of negativity about walls and immigration and closing the border,” Greg Miller, Dance Parade’s executive director, said. The event opened with a Native American circle dance presided over by Louis Mofsie, the leader of the Thunderbird American Indian Dancers and one of four grand marshals (along with DJ Dara, Baayork Lee and Bill T. Jones). A banner on the float carrying Mr. Mofsie, at the front of the parade, stated: “When we honor Native American dance, we acknowledge that we are all immigrants.”

"Meet Some of the Participants Who Will Strut Down City Streets for the Dance Parade and Festival" by Ruschell Boone,  

EXCERPT: With their big performance just days away, it's time to tighten up their salsa routine. Annette DeJesus, a dance instructor, is trying to get new salseros from the Clearview Senior Center in Bayside ready for Dance Parade New York.

Boone: "What do you think about teaching them salsa and being able to display this at the parade?"

DeJesus: "I am extremely so proud of all of them. When I came in, it was a lot of challenges," DeJesus said. "Some of them had never danced. And some of them had disabilities."

EllenTube (Instagram), , February 1, 2019

(10 million views)

SYNOPSIS: TWitch and Brie Larson show off their dance moves as they try to copy the Texas Aggie Wranglers on the DanceFest Main Stage in Tompkins Square Park.

Thousands of Dancers Will Flood NYC Streets to Celebrate "The Cabaret of Life"  May 18, 2018

EXCERPT: Dance Teacher: Tell us what inspired the theme of this year's parade—"The Cabaret of Life."

Greg Miller: In 2005, I noticed that there were all these signs around NYC that said "No Dancing." I learned there was a 1926 Cabaret Law in place that required restaurants to have a license for dancing. The license was hard to get, so a lot of restaurants didn't have one, and it really suppressed culture. Kevin Bacon even remarked that it was like a real-life Footloose. We initially organized a dance parade in 2007 to show all the expressive forms of dance to protest the Cabaret Law. The law went on for 91 years. Just last year [October 2017], we were able to repeal it—hence the theme: "The Cabaret of Life."

Los Andulleros de Santiago le pondrán sabor dominicano al 'Dance Parade' de Nueva York, , 17 May 2018

EXCERPT: "El ‘Dance Parade’ contará con más de 80 estilos de baile y, por primera vez en su historia, un grupo de República Dominicana estará presente. Los Andulleros de Santiago, por medio de una de sus representantes, nos cuentan algunas de las sorpresas con las que se encontrarán los asistentes al festival."

Things to Do,, May 16 2018

EXCERPT: "Ready to sashay into the weekend? The lyrics to “Dancing in the Street” never ring more true than during this boogie fest at which aerialists and dancers wow across five stages at Tompkins Square Park. Witness more than 80 styles of grooving—from ballet to break dancing—and learn how to bust a move with free lessons. Before the main event, watch 10,000 dancers stomp, twirl and gyrate from 21st St and Broadway to Avenue A.

"Join NYC's dance revolution -- without getting busted by the cops" By Christian Gollavan, January 29, 2018

EXCERPT: “It’s a restriction on our culture and my personal freedom as a dancer,” says Greg Miller, founder of the annual Dance Parade and Festival and one of the main advocates of the Cabaret Law repeal. “In the early 2000s, we’d see signs in clubs that said ‘no dancing.’”

Dance Parade and Festival, , May 12, 2017

EXCERPT: "If you find yourself swarmed by undulating bodies on a downtown stroll this Saturday, know that they are moving with purpose. This annual street festival, now in its eleventh year, includes more than eighty forms of dance, from Armenian folk to Brazilian zouk, creating a spectacle of sheer variety that is rooted, the organizers suggest, in equality, emotional and physical health, and empowerment. Since 2007, in a cheeky sendup of New York’s antiquated cabaret laws, the organizers have enlisted their own New York Dance Police, who issue tickets—in the form of summonses to free and discounted dance classes—to people along the route whom they deem too stiff."

Senior Salsa Dancers at NYC's Dance Parade and Festival | BK Stories

SYNOPSIS: Bric Arts' story of Dance Parade's Ageless Action Teaching Artist Marlon Mills at Fort Hamilton Senior Center and in Dance Parade 2016--Community Engagement Director Carlye Eckert notes how "Dance creates instant community"

"WHERE TO GO NEXT: New York City for The 9th Annual Dance Parade"  Todd Jensen/Rentilly, April 15, 2015

EXCERPT: "A showcase of choreographic styles, this multicultural, rhythm-infused, magical display of human movement reflects The Big Apple's storied love affair with dance."

"In Which I go to a Dance Parade and Reflect on Happiness.  Dancing in the Streets!"

Gretchen Rubin, The Happiness Project, May 25, 2010

EXCERPT: "This Saturday, my husband suggested that we all go downtown to watch the Annual Dance Parade. I’d never heard of it, but for the past three years, New York City has had a dance parade, where thousand of dancers, from all sorts of dance organizations, dance their way down a parade route. Some of the dancers were from “real” dance schools or groups, others were from dance/exercise classes, and many groups, we suspected, had been organized for the sole purpose of marching on Saturday."