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Dance Parade is pleased to create this 2023 Year-End campaign to raise critical funds for dance education. Beginning Tuesday November 28, 2023 our campaign seeks to raise funds to enable Teaching Artists to bring the gift of dance to over two dozen schools and community centers. We believe that dance can awaken the human spirit and help create a more vibrant and equitable society.

Our Board of Directors have generously committed to doubling every dollar donated, expanding what we can do as a community that loves dance.

DANCING THROUGH NYC: This season our $20,000 campaign will help Dance Parade create 10-week dance education programs that will benefit over 1,500 participants in schools and community centers.

  • NYC iSchool (9th Grade) Chelsea, Manhattan
  • PS. 347, School of Humanities (Middle School), Bushwick, Brooklyn
  • PS. 86K  The Irvington Elementary School, Brooklyn
  • PS. X114 Luis Llorens Torres School Elementary School, Bronx
  • PS. 112Q Dutch Kills Elementary School, Queens
  • International Charter School of New York (Middle School), Brooklyn
  • PS. 56, The Lewis Latimer Elementary School, Brooklyn
  • Fort Hamilton Senior Recreation Center, Brooklyn
  • PS. X537 Bronx Arena High School, Bronx
  • PS 023 the New Children’s School (Elementary), Bronx
  • University Neighborhood High School, LES, Manhattan
  • PS. 34 Franklin D Roosevelt School, East Village, Manhattan
  • Ft Greene Park, Brooklyn
  • Virtual Classes in Spanish, Mandarin Chinese and Japanese


GRAND FINALE: Students will end their programs with participation in the 17th Annual Dance Parade Saturday, May 20, 2023 and then showcase their work on stage at DanceFest after the parade!  For many, this will be an experience of a lifetime as most of these kids have never appeared on stage.

DANCE FREE NYC: Our 2024 theme, “Dance Free NYC” is not just a catchy phrase but a powerful rallying cry that encapsulates the very essence of freedom of expression and inclusivity in the world of dance. This theme serves as a unifying force and a call to action for the dance advocacy community, especially in the face of potential legislative changes that could restrict dance once again. Here’s how “Dance Free” will serve us:

  1. Freedom of Expression: “Dance Free” embodies the fundamental principle of the First Amendment, which guarantees the right to freedom of expression. By embracing this theme, the dance community asserts its commitment to this constitutional right, reminding the city and its policymakers of the importance of artistic expression.
  2. Historical Context: The theme acknowledges the historical context in which it’s rooted, particularly how Dance Parade was founded in 2007 as a protest to the the 1926 Cabaret Law, which disproportionately affected marginalized communities, especially Black, Indigenous, LGBT and People of Color. By recalling this dark period in New York City’s history, “Dance Free” reminds us of the need to rectify past injustices and strive for greater inclusivity and equity in the dance scene.
  3. Unity and Advocacy: “Dance Free” can serve as a unifying banner under which the dance community, its advocates, and allies can rally together. It brings people from diverse backgrounds and dance styles together in a common cause: safeguarding the freedom to express themselves through dance. It’s a reminder that the dance community stands strong and united against any potential restrictions such as the controversial land-use reforms that the Adams adminstration is proposing.
  4. Educational Tool: The theme is an educational tool, both for those within the dance community and the wider public. It will be used to raise awareness about the historical significance of dance restrictions, the value of cultural divdance, and the importance of an inclusive and vibrant dance culture in New York City.
  5. Advocating for Inclusivity: “Dance Free” extends beyond just celebrating freedom of expression. It is a statement against any potential rollback of the NYC Department of Planning’s proposal to restrict dance in smaller venues. It signals that the dance community will actively advocate for an inclusive and welcoming environment for dance in all spaces, regardless of their size or patronage.
  6. Engaging the Public: “Dance Free” will capture the attention and support of the broader public, not just the dance community. By framing the issue as a matter of freedom of expression, it can encourage more people to become involved in advocating for a vibrant dance culture in the city, ensuring that the City Council’s decisions align with the principles of inclusivity and freedom.
  7. Positive Vision: “Dance Free” also represents a positive vision for the future. It’s not just about resisting potential restrictions but about creating an environment where dance is celebrated, nurtured, and accessible to all. It’s a call for the city to embrace the power of dance as a form of expression, celebration, and cultural exchange.

In summary, “Dance Free” is a theme that goes beyond mere words on a banner; it’s a potent symbol of freedom, inclusivity, and unity within the dance community. It will inspire and mobilize dancers and advocates to ensure that New York City’s legislative decisions align with the values of freedom, inclusivity, and respect for diverse forms of expression through dance.

YOUR PERKS AS A DONOR: 100% of your contribution will go to the artists and means so much to us and we are grateful for every donation, no matter how small!

FRIEND: $50+  Donors receive a tax exempt receipt letter in order to deduct their donations from their taxes

MOVER & SHAKRE: $100+ Donors receive above AND a  commemorative Dance Free refrigerator magnet; Sponsor a Dance Organization of your choice in the 17th Annual Dance Parade May 18, 2024

STAR: $150+ Donors receive all of above AND a personalized Dance Free Coffee Mug and a ticket to Dance Parade’s Grandstand

ANGEL: $250+ Donors receive all of the above AND get a “Dance Free” Tshirt, Complimentary admission to all Dance Parade events: Launch Party, Grandstand and After Party and will Sponsor a Diversity Workshop in a New York City public school.

Thank you so much for your support!

Team Dance Parade

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