This form is for organizations that would like one of our 10 "Experience Dance" Booths at the post Dance Parade festival called "DanceFest" in Tompkins Square Park after the parade from 3-7pm.  As Tompkins Square Park comes alive with dancers from the parade, over 12,000 attendees visit DanceFest to check out two performnaces stages (A & B) as well as site specific performances, a Teaching Stage and Social (Dance Party). Tompkins Square Park is located in Manhattan's East Village and spans three square blocks between East 7th &10th Street and between Avenues A & B.

Booths, indicated with the round orange symbols on the DanceFest map of Tompkins Square Park above, encircle the middle of the park and will be available from 12 noon. Booths are 10x10 festival tents that come with two 6 foot tables and 4 chairs.  As the event is designed to be a non-profit celebration of dance and culture, no selling of merchandise is permitted. Please contact DanceFest Producer, Jamila Holman (jamila@danceparade.org 413-244-2674) if you have any questions. The deadline for completing this form is April 30th, 2023. This information will be emailed to you after completing this order form. Thank you for supporting DanceFest!

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