In partnership with the New York City Department for the Aging, Ageless Action is devoted to serving older Americans through the joy of movement and dance.

We honor life experiences with exercises that empower and re-inspire an aging nyc population. Ageless Action is a 10-week curriculum based on resources from the National Center for Creative Aging.

Students in a communal setting are exposed to diverse forms of traditional and modern dance forms. 60-minute classes with our friendly multicultural teaching artists focus on a gradual increase of balance, flexibility, stamina, and agility. Whether dancing down Broadway, on a parade float, or in the Dance Parade grandstand, seniors are invited to be featured alongside their teachers and 10,000 dancers from around the globe in the annual Dance Parade on Broadway and Festival in Tompkins Square Park


Ageless Action strivers to:

  • Honor older adults' cultures, experiences and livelyhoods
  • Provide additive movement skills
  • Inspire cognitive and social situations

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Ageless Action can include the exciting program conclusion like this one. Teaching Artist Marlon Mills with older adults at the Fort Hamilton Parks & Recreation Center.

Our Community Engagements programs bring the joy of dance to all corners of New York City: Agless Action in older adult centers, cultural residencies in schools and Community Kinect in Parks & Recreation Centers


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2017 Aglesss Action

PLACEHOLDER (maybe remove this text box?)  Folloiwng is from a SUCASA 2017 final report:
Dance Parade was pleased to provide it's Ageless Action program to elders from the Clearview Selfhelp Community Services Senior Center in Bayside, Queens. The program focused on balance, flexibility and motor skills as a focus of the Moving For Life Curriculum.

The Clearview Senior Programs Director Erin Brennan worked with Dance Parade's Community Engagement Director Carlye Eckert to select Elena Lopez Sanscome as the initial teaching artist to facilitate a 90minute "Moving For Life" curricula that fit to the site's population and needs. In order to manage to the 60 contact hour goal for the program, we added an additional teacher Tom Sullivan to provide a second 90minute class each week. Both Elena and Tom are certified educators of the “Moving for Life” method.

Through accessible instruction class members learned the anatomical and exercise knowledge to become as active as possible:
*Classes began with an easy breath-based warm-up and stretching—safely increasing the range of movement in the arms and legs.
*Next, class members explored breathing and movement exercises that were specially designed to reduce swelling (lymphedema).
*Then, fatigue was reduced by dancing actively to upbeat music.
*Students worked up a sweat and awakened and enlivened bodies and spirits instilled with whimsy.
*They built strength using weights and therabands or one's own body weight.
*Some sequences challenged the brain - helping to fight the effects of mental fog and confusion.
*Each session came to a close with a relaxing stretching sequence and an community dialogue about new feelings and resources.
*Every class member received personalized instruction and was guided to build greater awareness of, respect for, and control of all part of the body (helping body image and self-respect).
*Upbeat music and free movement served as an antidote to depression, doing so with others counteracts isolation.

From the first class on February 15, 2017 students worked toward creating a choreography that was presentable at the 11th Annual Dance Parade on Broadway on Saturday May 2017. The parade allowed the Clearview students to participate in the broader NYC dance community. Half the students enjoyed riding on Dance Parade’s Community Engagement Float and another half received complimentary tickets to the parade’s Grandstand in Astor Plaza.

A culminating event was held on Friday June 30th 2017 to celebrate the end of the program. Over 80 center participants came to enjoy refreshments, watch and participate through the dance exercises taught at Clearview. Teaching artists Tom and Elena were greeted by a warm reception from the audience, capping off a successful program!

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