2024 Photo Contest!


Thanks for your interest to participate in the 2024 Dance Parade and DanceFest Photo Contest!

Each year Dance Parade attracts hundreds of photographers, capturing the magic found when 100 unique styles of dance and cultures are all presented in the same place. They love the energy, movement and color found among ancient cultures and highly ambitious artists. For each category (Dance Parade and DanceFest), we will award 3 winners.
* First Prize is $250 and a commemorative tshirt or coffee mug.
* Second Prize is $150 and a commemorative tshirt or coffee mug.
* Third Prize is $75 and a commemorative tshirt or coffee mug.
Entries must be digital, color or black and white. We would like to use your images and videos for our promotional purposes, to present the parade as an art parade and as a participatory experience.

Therefore, we ask you to sign off on using your photos and videos, and will credit you whenever appropriate.

Prizes paid via these digital platforms ensure faster payments; Otherwise checks may take 21 to 30 days.
Upon submission you will receive an upload link to the contest's dropbox upload folder. Upload a maximum of 10 Parade photos and 10 Festival photos. Please name the files with your full legal name, "parade" or "fest", and if you can, the name of the group performing. For each photo, we would like a high-res photo less than 5MB. Thanks again -- We really appreciate it. Remember, the deadline for file uploads is May 31st and we will notify everyone of the results by June 7th. Thank you, Team Dance Parade

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