Since 2008, the Dance Parade organization has tapped its pool of diverse multi-cultural talent to provide Community Engagement Programs to share the joy of dance with historically under represented communities along with the city-wide dance community. Throughout the year, Workshop demonstrations and residencies are provided in-person as well as virtually to youth aged 7-17 in schools and recreation centers and for older New Yorkers in senior centers. All programs end with the exciting participation in the Annual Dance Parade & Festival. Our Health & Safety policy helps protect our classes and venues in accordance with CDC guidelines.


Our dance groups teach virtually or at your location for 6–12 weeks


Using the art of dance to practice and improve mobility and balance


Using dance to instill lifelong enthusiasm for physical fitness


to the creative process as it relates to dance: from conception, to reflection, to construction, critique, and public presentation.


and physical ease for participants in space as indivduals and as a collective.


on learning about and respecting history, progress and diversity by studying the way a culture moves.


that supports coordination, flexibility and improved circulation and engaging explorations of meaningful ways to maintain fitness for a lifetime.


Throughout the year, the Dance Parade organization commissions distinctive dance organizations to educate and present the artistry of dance to schools, senior and community centers.  Dance Parade’s certified educators have created a curriculum for students to learn about the world culture of a particular genre and then to learn and perform ethnic dances in the parade.

Three forms of Curriculum are offered: World Cultural20th Century American 通过网络参加 Urban/Modern.  After school programs are offered from February to May and include costume making and participation in the annual parade.

All participants in Dance Parade’s Community Engagement Programs have the unique opportunity to dance alongside their teaching artists in our annual parade on Broadway and Festival in May!


For more information, download our full brochure here or contact Carlye Eckert, Director of Community Engagement Programs. 


FY2023 (July 2022 to June 2023)

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