Welcome D.Webb Designs – From the Dance Floor to the Streets!

Dance Parade is pleased to welcome D.Webb Designs to its family of sponsors. D.Webb Designs is the brain child of Designer and Belly Dancer Debbie Cartsos.  D.Webb Designs is a New York City based apparel company that proudly designs and manufactures quality apparel catered to the Dance community.


We sat down with Debbie Cartsos, founder and owner of D.Webb Designs and interviewed her about her new venture within the Dance Parade world.

Dance Parade: Why is D.Webb Designs sponsoring the 2019 Dance Parade?

Debbie: “Quite simply, I love this event! As a dancer, I have taken part in at least 5 Dance Parades over the years and each year, I can’t wait to go back and do it all again. I love dancing down the streets of NYC and feeling a unity with other dancers from around the world. It’s a feelgood event where, whether spectator or participant, one can be inspired by dance forms you’ve never been exposed to. It’s an opportunity for artists to showcase their work and genuinely get a vast amount of exposure, which is not easy to find. 

photo by Monzeeki Photography, model Chance

Dance Parade: Can you tell our readers what D.Webb Designs will be doing at the 13th Annual Dance Parade and Festival? 

Debbie: We’ll be dancing in the parade in collaboration with the Dalia Carella Dance Collective, repping our interactive full-length dance theater production, Menagerie d’Arte fusing 1920/30s cabaret styles of Berlin and Paris with contemporary and world dance, avant garde, darkly comedic, bringing human fashion installations to life and merging the worlds of couture and dance.

Dance Parade: Ahh, Dalia Carella–Yes, I heard she’ll be performing at our March 2nd Launch Party as well.

Debbie: Yes! Dalia is a recognized around the world as a master performer and will be doing a solo piece for LIFT OFF at the Taj. By the way, you can all use code DWEBB for 20% off tickets!

Dance Parade: That’s awesome! So tell us, then what happens when you get to the festival in Tompkins Square Park?

Debbie: After we have all danced our way through Manhattan, D.Webb will be meeting you in Tompkins Square Park at our fully stocked experience booth, with mini-dance contests, prizes, photo ops and a meet and greet with the D.Webb crew.

Debbie: And THEN TO THE MAIN STAGE where we are collaborating with Sol Dance Center and some of our D.Webb Ambassadors,under the artistic direction of Dani Albertina, to bring you a dance and fashion filled performance bringing our fashions “from the dance floor to the streets” with hip hop, ballet, belly dance, and more. It’s a full experience of the senses with D.Webb Designs and friends. Don’t miss it!



Check out D.Webb Designs website and get your new outfit for Dance Parade!


Founder of D. Webb Designs, Designer Debbie Cartsos

Debbie’s Bio

Debbie Cartsos donned her first belly dance costume at the age of five from a belly dancer that performed at Zorba’s, a famous Greek night club in Florida. Later on when she moved to Athens, Greece, she continued to shimmy on through her mother’s design studio to the sounds of classic Mediterranean music, surrounded by the vibrant colors and patterns destined to become beautiful gowns for her family’s evening wear boutique. Is it any surprise that dance and fashion were her first loves? They led her to degrees in Fashion and Intimate Apparel Design at the Veloudakis Private Institute of Design in Greece and NYC’s Fashion Institute of Technology (FIT), where she also received the Jean Yu Critic Award for Intimate Apparel Design and the Intimate Apparel Council Merit Award. At the same time, Debbie was earning numerous belly dance certifications, performing and, eventually, teaching.

Inevitably, her two loves merged. Her expertise in bra-making and fashion led to costume design and a line of performance wear and so D.Webb Designs was born. She now designs apparel that can be worn in many different ways, “from the studio to the street”, striving to fill a gap in the fashion industry by creating pieces that allow for freedom. Freedom in movement and freedom in style, as non-conforming and individual as the people who wear them.




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