2021 Virtual Parade/Festival Talent Registration

Dance Parade seeks submissions for teaching and performance opportunities at the VIRTUAL 15th Annual Dance Parade and Festival Saturday May 22nd, 2021. Our non-profit organization is committed to promoting dance even during the pandemic. We seek live and pre-recorded works during our 1-4pm interactive and multi-stage festival. Please fill out this brief form and someone on our production team will get back to you soon! Deadline to submit April 19th 11:59pm.

A past experience is not required
Stipends will be given to instructors and performance groups
In choosing the above, help us present your artistry in the best possible way based on your capabilities. Our production team will be on hand to assist in a rehearsal in the end of April and beginning of May as well as during the May 22nd event.
Paste a YouTube, Vimeo or Facebook UR (link) that shows us the quality of your past work. Please don't include links that require passwords to view the video.
Zelle is our preferred payment method because transfers to your bank accounts occur within minutes and there is no bank fee. Most large banks have Zelle however we can also send a check, pay by PayPal (fee applies) or by Venmo.
With this form submission I agree that this signifies my intention to participate in the 15th Annual Dance Parade and Festival –Online Edition (“the Virtual Event”) but does not create any binding relationship or obligations between me and Dance Parade, Inc. I understand also that by registering for the Virtual Event I assume responsibility for my safety and will act with caution, courtesy, and prudence, and comply with all relevant laws and regulations throughout the event. I hold harmless Dance Parade, its officers, staff and volunteers for any liabilities incurred to me in the Virtual Dance Event except in the case of Dance Parade Inc.’s gross negligence. I agree to refrain from sexual, emotional or verbal abuse or misconduct of any kind or from making abusive statements in regard to a person’s race, gender, religion, nationality, ethnicity, sex or age. I also agree that during the Virtual Event, my image may be captured without compensation. By registering for the Virtual Event I understand that my email address will be subscribed to Dance Parade mailings including STEPS!, the Dance Parade Official E-Newsletter and opting out is an option made in accordance to anti-spam laws. Lastly, Dance Parade reserves the right to cancel participation in the Virtual Event if it is determined that participants are not participating or involved for political or commercial reasons not supporting dance. It's the Dance Parade and everyone dances!