Sabrina McDonald
Team Coordination Co-Lead
Pronouns She/They




Sabrina McDonald was born and raised in Maryland where she developed an interest in theater and the arts.  A Militiary veteran with the U.S. Airforce, Sabrina was stationed in Texas where she worked as an Imagery Analyst.  While in Austin, she took a deep dive into theater and served as a Costume Designer for films and theater, wardrobe specialist, seamstress and a Photography Stylist. In 2020, Sabrina moved to New York two weeks before the world shut down with the COVID-19 pandemic. She soon found dance, specifically the 5Rhythms movement mediation practice, as a creative outlet and supportive community. In addition to being a co-producer for the 5Rhthyms, she is a production assistant with music festivals and a miriad of events. She enjoys living in community, shared cooking, nature and considers herself a plant mama with her newly acquired green thumb.