Mona Freeman

Mona Freeman is a creative entertainment professional with expertise in dance and musical theater staging. She also teaches dance (Ballet, Jazz, Tap, Contemporary) to students of all ages.

In her early teenage years, Mona was a member of her high school gymnastics team, she began ballet lessons to augment her floorwork. Mona soon discovered that dance was her calling. Having lived in New York City all her life, she had the opportunity to study dance with many of the best teachers. She has performed with a few dance companies, community theaters, as well as in galas and special events.

Mona attended New York University (Bachelor of Science in Dance Education). Shortly after graduation, she established a dance studio which she operated successfully for thirty years. In addition to sharing her love of dance with numerous students, a highlight was producing and directing the many dance productions with a cast of hundreds. As Curation Lead with Dance Parade, Mona is once again "putting on a show". Now with a cast of thousands!