DJ McDonald



DJ McDonald has been immersed in dance, theater, film/video, music and visual arts, as well as management, production, curation, development, marketing/PR, touring, education and community outreach/activism activities for more than two decades.

Initially this came about in support of his own professional contemporary dance and theater company, and later as co-producer of a professional cabaret and dinner theater, NYC's annual Dance Parade and Festival, as Industry Spotlight Coordinator for Asian American Film Lab, Manager of Battery Dance Festival, and as part of the Dance Rising and Cultural Solidarity Fund collectives.

As a performer, he has worked with several notable choreographers, directors, companies, and projects, most recently as one of 6 principal performers in Nameless forest created by Dean Moss in collaboration with an international cast of visual, musical and technical artists. DJ continues to publish occasionally and has contributed as a writer for Village Voice and other publications including the blogs Culturebot 通过网络参加 City Of Glass.