BE A ‘STAR’ — Dance down Broadway and join over 10,000 dancers moving and grooving to over 80 styles of dance in the 12th Annual Dance Parade! Parade registration is open to everyone who commits to Dancing in the Parade.  Come dance with us on Saturday, May 19th 2018.


As a member of a group or newbie to a group. Everyone must register.


GROUP (i.e. Dance Company, School, Nightclub, Burning Man Camp, etc):


Group Registration is closed but once you are registered in the parade as an individual you can join many of the groups listed below.  Only groups that are registered for the parade are eligible to participate in DanceFest and our Community Engagement Programs. Both DanceFest and our Community Engagement Programs offer payments for teaching and performances. Join the parade and help grow dance culture in New York and beyond!


Hello Parade Group Coordinators!

My name is Adele Godfrey and I'm the Parade Production Lead.

Thank you for your participation in the 12th Annual Dance Parade and Festival- The Cabaret of Life.
Parade day is around the corner and we are excited to have you join us in the parade and festival!
Although you have registered as a Parade Group, you will still need to register your individual dancers here.
Parade formation and line-up: 
Last week, you should have received a Participation Guide by email as promised by week's end.  It include all the information you'll need to know for parade day, your space number in formation and step-off time. You can download it here.
For festival participants you should have already been contacted by our curation committee to confirm your participation and your performance time. You can view the current line up here.
Any questions or concerns about the festival performances can be sent to:
IMPORTANT information about SOUND!
All sound vehicles in the parade are allowed a maximum of 4-6 speakers.  If find you have more than 6 speakers you may be asked to remove excess.  During formation our Sound Monitors will sound-check all vehicles with a decibel reader to make sure sound does not exceed a certain level. If it's too loud you will be ask to lower the volume.  We have finished ordering the parade and will post at midnight tonight.  If you did not indicate sound as an option in your application we have did our best to place you next to a group that has a similar dance style so you can dance to their music.
Vehicle registration has closed April 30th and only vehicles that have paid for vehicle passes or have received scholarship fee waivers will be allowed into the parade. If you would like to try to bring a small inexpensive unit, you can buy one for $169 on amazon like this 1500 watt single speaker, powered by a battery, on wheels.
Failure to comply with our Sound Monitors or use of more than 6 speakers may result in your group being escorted out of the parade by the police.
If you have any other questions you can email me here and I will do my best to get back to you within one business day.
Happy Dancing!!
Adele Godfrey
Parade Production Lead
267-350-9213 (if you leave me a message, it will forward to me)


Hola al coordinador del grupo de la parada,
Muchas gracias por su participación el 12th Annual Dance Parade Festival- Cabaret of Life.
El día de la parada esta por llegar, estamos emocionados de extenderles la invitación para celebrar l parada y el festival.
Aunque el grupo se haya registrado como grupo de la parada es muy importante que registren a los bailarines individualmente Aquí.
Información de La Parada:
Se estará ordenando la parada y se enviará un guía de participación antes de que termine la semana. Incluirá toda la información que necesitará de saber el día de la parada, su número de espacio e indicación de duración de tiempo. (descarguelo aqui)
Para los participantes del festival ya deberían de haber sido contactados por el Comité de curación para confirmar su participación  y tiempo. Pueden acudir a para ver la fila a dancefest también para cualquier pregunta o duda sobre el festival envíen sus preguntas a
Importante información sobre el SONIDO:
Todo vehículo que tendrá sonido sólo se permitirá bocinas de un máximo de 4 a 6 bocinas solamente. Si se encuentran más de 6 bocinas tendrá que remover.
Durante la formación nuestro tecnico de sonido verificada cada vehículo asgurandose que el sonido no exceda de cierto nivel.
Si el sonido esta muy alto se le pedirá que se baje el volumen.
Al no tener la cooperación de ustedes con nuestro técnico de sonido se le pedirá que se retire de la parada, se reforzará con seguridad.
Si tiene cualquier duda o pregunta me puede enviar un correo electrónico aquí y haré lo mejor que pueda para contestar sus preguntas no maz tardar de un día.
Feliz baile,
Adele Godfrey
Parade Production Lead
267-350-9213 (if you leave me a message, it will forward to me)


Easiest and cheapest option usually for groups without budget for sound; (i.e if you are a tango group parade production team will place you behind another tango group that has sound); Deadline May

 B) BRING PORTABLE SOUND UNIT: Battery or Generator Powered:  Free

 On a dolly, cart, or (non gasoline) cycle; Generally multiple speakers & generator powered are loudest


One speaker, mixer, iphone/ipod cable, sound tech on dolly rented through & delivered to Parade head: $400/day

On a dolly, cart, or (non gasoline) cycle; Generally multiple speakers & generator powered are loudest


Gas powered art cars, pickup trucks with generator in bed, van or trailer: $85 until March 31, $100 until April 15 deadline; Maximum 4-6 speakers permitted.


Dance Parade sets up a crowdfunding campaign, suggest perks such as $100 to be on float or $150 for a tote bag.  Then you have 3 weeks to solicit donations from your community. You keep profits above fundraising goal and keep donations upon on failure to reach fundraising goal. Complete with driver, tow vehicle, insurance, decoration, advertising and sound. Choose an optional sound system, your colors and promote your dance company. Deadline March 31.

F) PRE-PACKAGED FLOAT & AUDIO:  $2800 - $4800 (non-profit discount available)

Ordering a Dance Parade float this way is easy. Complete with driver, tow vehicle, insurance, decoration, advertising and sound. Choose an optional sound system, your colors, promote your dance company and add up to three sponsor logos/messages.  Just show up on parade day, board float and dance. 15 dancers (small) to 25 (large). Order while supplies last. Deadline April 30


Rain Plan

Mother Earth wants to nourish us with some water on Saturday...It'll rain in the morning and we'll have mixed weahter with rain in the afternoon.