Wall of Gratitude: THANK YOU NYC Cabaret Repeal Fighters of Justice!

Dance Parade Executive Director Greg Miller speaks at the Press Conference on the steps of New York City Hall after the City Council passed repeal of the cabaret law on October 31, 2017: “For the 25,000+ Dance Parade advocates, this RIGHTING of a LONGSTANDING WRONG has gone on for 14 YEARS.
We are so grateful for Council Member Rafael L Espinal to take on this complex issue and champion DANCE as a HEALTHY ACTIVITY that should not be regulated — He has inspired us to make our 2018 theme “THE CABARET OF LIFE” which recognizes that the ARTS ENRICH US on a daily basis.”
Join the cause: http://LetNYCDance.org/
There have been many dancers, lawyers, film makers, journalists, advocates and politicians that have worked to repeal the NYC Cabaret Law and we want to acknowledge them here with much gratitude and appreciation: 
First we must give special thanks to Council Member Rafael Espinal for sponsoring the bill with support by Mayor de Blasio and their combined creation of Office of Nightlife, Commissioner Tom Finkelpearl for executing Create NYC’s cultural plan, Andrew Muchmore for his case in Federal Court, Dance Liberation Network, NYC Artists Coalition and LegalizeDance.Org for promoting and lobbying progressive City Council Members.
(Listed in order of their contributions.  Please excuse us of we missed you!)
  • Professor Paul Chevigny for your career long struggle, book and court challenges
  • Rev Jen Miller and the Dance Liberation Front – Watch their Hilarious video from the 1990’s
  • Tricia Ramano, Reporter for The Village Voice
  • Eric Demby and crew of Legalize Dancing NYC
  • Metropolis in Motion: Jules Siff Zint, Mercury John, Mahayana Landowne, Tanya Elder, Stefanie Jones, Owen Rider, Aylen Doucette
  • WBAI Liquid Sound Lounge Host Jeannie Hopper, Reggie Johnson and Steve Smith
  • Robbie Busch and his documentary, “Thank You For Not Dancing”
  • Co-Council to Paul Chevigny, Norman Siegal and the plaintiffs in the Festa vs NYC Dept of Consumer Affairs Case: John Festa, Byron Cox, Gotham West COast Swing Club, Ian Dutton and Meredith Stead
  • Former City Council Member Alan Gerson, Legislative Director Avram Turkel and Cultural Affairs Director Paul Nagel
  • Dance Parade: Publicist Rebecca Myles, Rebel dance leaders DJ McDonald, Mark Schmidt, Jerry Goldman, Erik Slavin, Dave Leventhal, Chauncey Dandridge, the many officers of the New York City Dance Police (NYDP) and team
  • House Coalition’s Luis Vargas, DJ Ali Coleman, your 11 years of pardae floats and groovy dancers
  • Rob Smith and Nosa Omoregi from LegalizeDance.Org and the thousands of signers to the Change.Org petition — Petition still open while “Dance” is still in the zoning law
  • Ina Sotirova and the cast of her documentary “Freedom2Dance”
  • Journalists Laura Evans (Voice/Jezebel), Adam Janos (Wall Street Journal), Madison Grey (First Amendment Center), Brian Lehrer (WNYC), Erin Clements (Time Out New York), Joel Whitney and Ethan Brown (New York Magazine), Sewell Chan and Annie Correal (The New York Times), Kathleen Lucadamo (Daily News), Adam Krawitz (Metro) and many more
  • Muchmore Cafe Owner Andrew Muchmore for his Federal suit against the City’s Cabaret Law.
  • City Council Member Rafael Espinal and his staff:Lloyd Lesperance, Erika Tannor, Rick Abelo
  • City Council Speaker Melissa Mark-Ververito and her staff, Jeff Baker and his team of lawyers at City Council.
  • Circa Journalist Reed Dunlea and his video with Kevin Bacon.
  • The Outline and their inspirational video with Jerry Goldman and Disc Woman’s Frankie Hutchinson, founder of Dance Liberation Network
  • Nikki Brown and all the 4000+ signers of the Dance Liberation Network Petition to Repeal the Cabaret Law
  • Bossa Nova Civic Club Owner John Barclay
  • The NYC Artists Coalition: Olympia Kazi, Julia Fredenberg, Jamie Burkart, Tara McManus and Jonah
  • Kurtis Blow, Kool Herc and other hip-hop visionaries
  • Rachel Nelson from Secret Project Robot, The Market Hotel and all other DIY Space operators
  • Those that testified at City Hall in the June 2017 hearing including Avram Turkel, Brenda Neville, Alan Sugarman, Akim Funk Buddha, Garode, Jim Dier (DJ Small Change), Lucille Krasne and Anna “Rokafella” Garcia
  • Those that testified at City Hall in the September 2017 hearing including Mercedes Ellington, Max Travis and Rachel Santos
  • The 24 Co-Signers of Bill #1652-A: