Come See A Glimpse Of Kathak At The 8th Annual New York City Dance Parade & Festival!

  Come see a glimpse of Kathak at the 8th annual New York City Dance Parade and Festival! Kathak (Hindi: कथक, Urdu: کتھک) is one of the eight forms of Indian classical dance. This dance form traces its origins to the nomadic bards of ancient […] Read more »

What Has Over 20,000 Legs And 20,000 Arms That Can Be Artistically Expressive In Over 75 Unique Ways?

& 75 CULTURALLY DIVERSE DANCE STYLES! THE EIGHTH ANNUAL DANCE PARADE AND FESTIVAL IS SATURDAY, MAY 17, 2014 Question: What has over 20,000 legs and 20,000 arms that can be artistically expressive in 75 unique ways? Answer: The […] Read more »

A Choreographed Conversation : The Various Stages of DJ McDonald, Lead Curator of DanceFest 2013 by Chauncey Dandridge

Our Social Media guru Chauncey recently fashioned a chat with his Dance Parade colleague DJ McDonald,  this year’s Lead Curator for DanceFest, the festival that immediately follows the parade every year in Tompkins Square Park.  The DanceFest 2013 program was comprised of four stages in […] Read more »

Unparalleled Celebration Of “Unity Through Dance” Electrifies Tompkins Square For 7th Annual DanceFest

Tompkins Square Park, the destination of the parade at Avenue A and Saint Marks Place, comes alive with choreographed performances, workshops and social dance–all free to the public. This year there will be a total of 3 stages of carefully curated expressions of dance: A […] Read more »

DanceFest 2013 Lineup! A Four Hour Ominum-Gatherum of All Things Dance!

OFFICIAL DANCEFEST 2013 LINEUP Our Main Stage this year has been carefully curated to offer your eyes, mind and soul a stupendous feast that will surely take you on a journey of various styles and disciplines of dance along with an inspiring trip around the […] Read more »

NUTRITIOUS Joins The Lineup For DanceFest Social Dance Area on Saturday, May 19th In Tompkins Square!

Another fantastic and talented DJ has joined the lineup for The Social Dance Area in Tompkins Square Park for DanceFest this year! Check out Nutritious! A world class dj, producer, remixer, and jazz-percussionist, Nutritious has an eclectic style layering fresh picked flavors from music around the […] Read more »