And now, we’ve come full circle featuring a brand new mix by the same man who supplied us with the very first podcast for AUDIO DANCE PARADE two years ago! GREG WOMACK – LET THE MUSIC PLAY! Rumored to have been conceived in the after […] Read more »

Audio Dance Parade Episode 4 : Playbook 7 by Coach “Michael” Roebuck

Every May in New York City, Dance Parade shakes up The Big Apple by providing an outlet for all forms of expression through dance to come together on one single day. The 6th Annual Dance Parade will take place on Saturday, May 19th. The Parade […] Read more »

Tom and Zach get married in Dance Parade 2011!

Over the next eleven days before the big day on Saturday, May 21st, STEPS! will be sharing some of the major benchmark participants of Dance Parade 2011 to truly showcase how wonderfully diverse and all encompassing our event is! First up, our very own editor-in-chief Chauncey, who is a staunch advocate of equality for all and a heavy hitter on the Dance Parade Team this year as well, sat down with Tom and Zach who will be exchanging vows at the start of this year's festivities and spending the rest of the day disco dancing with their friends and family on their very own float! Wear hot pink on the 21st to show your support for Tom and Zach! Here is the transcript of the landmark interview! Read more »