Support Ella to get 10 weeks of dance in her Bushwick Middle school!

Hi, my name is Ella Rosewood. I’m a teacher at IS 347, an under-resourced Title 1 Middle School in Bushwick Brooklyn.  Please help me bring the joy of African and Hip-Hop dance to my 6th and 8th graders.  Your contribution will fund two dance teachers for 10 weeks.  This campaign will cover the teaching artist fees and cost of t-shirts to be worn when my students join me to show off their moves  in the 10th Annual Dance Parade on Broadway in May!  Click HERE to contribute to the campaign!

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Since 2008 when the country suffered from the Global Financial Crisis, the non-profit organization “Dance Parade” has provided free dance residencies and workshops to schools and community centers throughout the five New York City boroughs.

In Bushwick, my 8th graders will receive 10 weeks of classes in which they will learn the cultural movements of the Congo in West Africa with Fusha Dance Company. An after school residency with Brooklyn Gatorettes, will teach my dance company students hip-hop choreography.  Both groups will represent their school on Broadway for the 10th Annual Dance Parade on Saturday May 21st.

Gratitude NYC  is an events production company that supports events in Bushwick.  For  every dollar raised, they have pledged to match it!
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For more information about Dance Parade and its Community Engagement Programs, please visit
We have a lot of great incentives for you to thank you for your generous contribution.  Donations of more than $50 are tax-exempt and we will mail you a receipt and thank you letter with a photo of our kids in the parade.  Thanks so much–Hope to see you watch us shine on Broadway!

Here’s an example of a perk that we’ll send you as a thank you for contributing:

ToteBagsmallimageHere’s more information on me and my dance program at my school:

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Thank you so much for considering to support us.  Click HERE to contribute and check out all the cool prizes you’ll get if you donate to our cause.