Stand For The Arts : Pre-Parade Protest at Time Warner To “Bring Back Ovation” 11:00am-Noon


You are invited to participate in a pre-parade protest at the Time Warner Cable retail location adjacent to the New York Dance Parade:


Saturday, May 18 from 11:00am-12

46 East 23rd, New York, NY 10010 (between Park Ave S. and Broadway)


Arts supporters and Dance Parade participants will be protesting Time Warner Cable’s drop of Ovation, the only arts network, from their lineup.


Time Warner Cable has 111 sports channels, 10 shopping channels, 9 adult channels and 0 channels dedicated to the arts.


Please join us in sending a message to Time Warner Cable that YOU CAN’T “ENJOY BETTER” WITHOUT THE ARTS!




There will be signs available but if participants want to make their own they should say: “Bring Back Ovation” or “You Can’t Enjoy Better Without the Arts”



Sign and share the petition to bring back Ovation and get a FREE Stand For The Arts sticker

Do you want want to see more art on TV?