Season 9 LIFT OFF Launch Party @ Taj Lounge A Huge Success! #LIVEFREEANDDANCE

Dance Parade successfully kicked off its 9th Season at Taj Lounge on Sunday, January 25th.  #LIVEFREEANDDANCE


Thank you to everyone who came out to support Dance Parade for our official LIFT OFF Launch Party igniting our 2015 campaign to #LIVEFREEANDDANCE
Special thanks to the very welcoming staff at Taj Restaurant & Lounge, all the volunteers who made the event possible and extra special thanks to Syncopated City Dance Company, Navatman Dance, Shakedown Dance Collective and BellyDance America for treating us to stellar performances as well as the sweet beats of DJ Chauncey D!

Please visit Dance Parade on Facebook and tag yourself or anyone you see in the pics! Photos by Dance Parade Volunteer Adele Godfrey

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Now…along with the excitement of a successful launch…we need to spread the word about The 9th Annual New York City Dance Parade & Festival! You can do your part by sharing this video on your wall, your blog, anywhere! All it takes is a few clicks to make it happen!

The 9th Annual Dance Parade & Festival – Coming to NYC May 16 2015! from Dance Parade Inc. on Vimeo.

Thank you!
Team Dance Parade