Request for Proposal: Dance Parade Worldwide Website

Project Description:

We seek to build an interactive, mobile-friendly and multi-lingual website in two months that will allow users to register for a Dance Parade in their country. Each city should have administrative access to view and edit the data in a relational database such as Google Sheets.

The overarching aim of this project is to create a visually attractive yet trustworthy website to dancers and potential funders with user friendly and efficient navigation. The content management system needs to be built in a way that local cities and non-technical staff can update logos and other parade year specific data. As a non-profit website, credibility is key and it is imperative that the site be representative of “clean and clear” information.

The website needs to allow for parade registration of groups and individual dancers, including eCommerce to pay the Group Registration fees. Then in addition to that, there should be an easy way to disseminate or distribute the form entries out to preferred services one of which could be Google Sheets, which is easy to share with multiple staff members.

It is anticipated that the first phase of site development will entail design and layout of the homepage and overall site design. The second phase will allow parade registration in New York City and the third phase will be complete with an instruction guide to train staff.

Download Full RFP Details Here



Posting Date:                 October 15, 2017

Bidders conference:         Friday October 27, 2017 11am EST


Proposals due:                November 15 , 2017

Contract Awarded:           December 15, 2017

Website Phase 1 launch: On or before February 1, 2018

             Phase 2 launch: On or before March 1, 2018

             Phase 3 launch: On or before April 1, 2018

Dates are subject to change.


Followup Q&A from the Bidder’s Conference 10/27/17:

1. What type of website designs do you like?

We are interested to have a full screen, mobile friendly responsive design.  We like the parallax scrolling effect and want to utilize our vibrant content. A list of our content assets is here.

Some examples of the websites we like are:



2. For launch, how many languages do you want/need?

Just English would be fine.
3. Do you want to stay on your current hosting environment?
We expect that to be easiest but not necessary.
4. Apply for a scholarship fee waiver – says local city should be able to approve application. Does the city need to be able to access the website, or will that be handled outside of the website?
The non-New York city (for example Chicago), would need to access the admin panel to make adjustments to content on there own.
5.  Can you say more about the registration process?  Do all individual dancers need to register for the parade?
Yes, the way it works now is that a dance organization or group registers for the parade.  Once a group is in the list, then individuals may register to dance with that group.  We don’t necessarily require this functionality to be repeated in the new site.  It might be as easy as having two separate forms like how we did for
6.  Can you please provide more details on how the functionality is different for “registered as a dance organization coordinator” vs. “registered as a general user?” For example, is the main purpose for a coordinator to promote their services and themselves to attract “general users?” We are not 100% clear on what each user is looking to accomplish from visiting the website outside of the website promoting the organization.
A dance organization such as a nightclub signs up under “dance organization coordinator” so that they can sign up their group.  A general user might be someone who wants to register as a general user and dance with that nightclub in the parade.
Check out how we set up the Boston Parade Registration here and note the difference between individual and group:
7. Do you have an anticipated budget goal or range?

We expect to allocate between $1000 and $5000 depending on the quality of the winning proposal.  We anticipate that if the site is indeed set up to be copied to subdomains for uses in other cities, then there will be a franchise fee charged to the other cities.  It’s quite possible that the developer would be able to get part  of that fee which would go toward helping to set up the franchise city.