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 Parade Registration Deadline is May 7th, 2018. To pay for insurance, marketing, and production a $50 donation is suggested for groups entering the parade regardless of the number of dancers. $60 is required for a vehicle permit in the parade. For under-resourced groups a full or partial waiver may be obtained through our scholarship program.
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Group Information

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*Dance Style:
*Coordinator First Name:   *Last Name:
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2018 Parade Specific Information

*Estimated number of dancers:
Will the dancers be in costume? Yes: No:
Will the there be music? Yes: No:
Is there a dance group you wish to be near in the Parade or other placement?
Does your dance group have a sponsor? Yes: No: If yes, which one:
Can anyone join your group? (toggle more info...) Yes: No:
 if you choose "yes" dancers of your dance style can join your group in the parade. By doing so we hope to assist dance organizations in finding prospective students or dancers and we can supply you with the contact information of the registrants under your group. If you answer 'no' to this question, your group will be marked as a restricted group.
  Do you wish to be notified via email when someone joins your group? Yes: No:
Will your dance company/group have a motorized float or vehicle? (toggle more info...) Yes: No: Not Sure Yet:
 Dance Parade can provide a Prepackaged Parade Float with a sponsor's or dance group's branding on the float. Prepackaged Floats can come with an audio system and are delivered on parade day so that all you need to do is hop on and dance!. Are you interested in someone contacting you about a Prepackages Float?
Yes: No: Not Sure Yet:

Space for vehicles is limited to 50 vehicles in the entire parade. Provided that there is space avaialble, for a 60 vehicle fee, you can bring your own vehicle into the parade as long as you have INSURANCE and a LICENSED DRIVER. You must first read and agree to the terms and conditions of having your own vehicle.
Click here for the Vehicle Specifications and Rules.
You must answer all questions preceded by an * if you plan on having a vehicle.
 Vehicle Registration (deadline April 30, 2018)
 *Vehicle or Vehicle Type:
 *Driver: Enter TBD if not yet known
  Any questions or notes:
 *By submitting this form you agree to the Vehicle Specifications and Rules. Yes: No:

Additional Information

Are you interested in performing in DanceFest 2018, the post-parade festival? (toggle more info...) Yes: No:
  You must be in the Parade to participate in DanceFest 2018. Dance Parade celebrates DanceFest 2018--our post-parade festival in Tompkins Square Park. The parade is for everyone but the festival is for specially selected groups who fit our curatorial requirements. To be considered for DanceFest 2018, please complete the fields below. If you are accepted, you will be notified by the festival committee. Some Dance performances may receive performance stipends for their work to create and perform on stage at DanceFest. (more info...)
 Be sure to answer all questions preceded by an *
 *Link to video:
 *Length of piece (max 5-8 minutes)
 *Mood/Style of piece:
 *Number of Dancers on Stage:
 *Short Description of work (2 or 3 sentences max.):
 *Which Stage do you want to perform on:
 Any Questions regarding Dance Fest?
Are you interested in our Community Engagement program that pays your organization for performances? (toggle more info...) Yes: No:
  You must be in Dance Parade 2018 to participate in the Community Engagement Program. We offer participating groups, the ability to be booked for paid performances and residency programs throughout the year.
Click here for the Community Engagement Brochure. Be sure to answer all questions preceded by an *
 *We are interested in Teaching and/or Performing
 *Teaching artist or Residency Experience: never less than 1 year 1-3 years 4 or more years
 *My group has done the following: (check all that apply)
Department of Education residency.
Worked with senior populations.
Worked with special needs or hospital audiences.
Have our own studio space.
Have our own arts-in-education program.
 Performance information:
     *Num. of dancers: *Length (in minutes): *Fee:
 *Link to video:
 *Preferred music: ipod CD Live Accompaniment
 *Short description of workshop and/or peformance:
 Special requirements:
Does your dance group need a scholarship to waive the registration fee? (toggle more info...) Yes: No:
 Scholarship deadline April 10, 2018.
 We will award scholarships to a limited number of USA dance organizations from small community-based or grassroots organizatons who would otherwise not be able to attend the parade. Scholarships are only available to USA based groups. We will take the following four criteria into account in making the awards:
(1) annual budget
(2) geographic diversity
(3) diversity of types of organizations and types of dance, and
(4) performance ability (is the organization actively involved in dance performances?
Please be sure to answer all questions preceded by an *
 *Previous Dance Parades, if any (years):
 *Your group has been operating since (year):
 *What is your groups Annual Budget: $
 *Reason you should be given a scholarship:

*Agree to terms and conditions? Yes: No:
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Unless you are applying for a scholarship please use PayPal
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Problems / Questions about Registration? Leave a message at (267)350-9213 or email
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