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New York, May 14, 2012 – At New York City Hall today, Dance Parade organizers, sponsored by City Council member, Rosie Mendez, announced the Sixth Annual Dance Parade and Festival, which will take to the streets of New York City at 1pm (eastern) on Saturday, May 19th, 2012. For exceptional viewing there is a Grandstand on Astor Place, but organizers say there is still time for anyone who wants to dance to register to be in this year’s parade and join the celebration amongst thousands of dancers, parade floats, live bands and disc jockeys.

The Parade, which unites dancers of all genres throughout the City under the 2012 theme “United We Dance Parade”, honors four Grand Marshals – prima ballerina Ashley Tuttle, choreographer Elisa Monte, dancer Bill Shannon and DJ Jonathan Peters. The Parade, which starts at 21st Street and Broadway, moves and grooves south through Union Square, into Astor Place where each group will be presented before a Grandstand. Then east on St. Mark’s Place (8th Street) where the Parade dancers salsa, swing and two-step their ways into Tompkins Square Park in the East Village for Dance Fest. Starting at 3pm, the Festival is a three-hour program of free dance performances, workshops, lessons and social dancing scattered throughout the Park. Dance Parade includes over 70 styles of dance everything from classical ballet to contemporary hip-hop to folk dance traditions from African countries, Hawaii, Bolivia, Britain, India and the Caribbean.

“Dance Parade is a celebration of dance. For one day only, the streets of New York are softened with the grace of human movement in splendid color and sound, expressing joy at every twist and turn,” says Greg Miller, Executive Director of Dance Parade, Inc. “In the melting pot of so many diverse New York cultures, our passion for dance can be celebrated all in one place. We want to educate the public in a way that inspires folks to take on this fun and healthy activity. “

This year’s Parade will see 100 young people participate who have been learning dance routines through a five-week education program of dance workshops arranged with the New York City Departments of Parks and Recreation, and funded by a grant from the New York City Department of Cultural Affairs and the Charles Evans Foundation. The workshops have been running in Jamaica, Queens, and Inwood, Washington Heights, East Harlem in Manhattan. Shireen Dickson, Dance Parade’s Education Coordinator, said “We’re excited to see so many young people turn up for our dance workshops. The biggest thrill for them is to take a classroom exercise, include them in the Parade, and watch their minds opening to being part of a larger community of dancers, and for them to have their Broadway debut!”

Dance Parade, since its inception in 2007 has seen 30 of the 200+ groups participate for all five years, dance participate has increased four fold, and spectators have increased by nearly 50% each year, with an estimated 65,000 attendees in 2012. The impressive list of dance genres to be represented in this year’s Parade will include traditional, cultural, urban, electronic and club dance styles. Participants and spectators can check into the Parade on FourSquare as a moving target or post real-item videos to Dance Parade’s YouTube channel. Fans can also follow the parade on Twitter and Facebook.

Dance Parade originated as a reaction to a 2006 lawsuit against New York City’s 1926 Cabaret License Law that restricts social dancing. After New York State Supreme Court Judge ruled that social dancing was not considered expressive activity protected by the State Constitution’s freedom of expression amendment, the organization leveraged an outpouring of vibrant cultural and dance expression into what became a nonprofit artistic and cultural event. Dance Parade New York is an entity of Dance Parade Inc whose charitable mission is to promote dance as an expressive and unifying art form, while educating the public about opportunities to experience Dance. Dance Parade celebrates diversity by showcasing all forms of dance around the world through sponsorship of a yearly, citywide Dance Parade and Dance Festival. Additional programs include education outreach, residencies and artistic partnerships to aid in increased public awareness, and the showcasing of dance on multiple levels. For more information about Dance Parade programs, volunteer and sponsorship opportunities, or to donate, please visit

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