Community Engagement Program

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Dance Parade’s Community Engagement Programs allow participants of all ages – from schools to community and senior centers – to discover their own innate capacity for the communication of ideas, thoughts, and feelings through the medium of dance.

Cultural Residencies – Our dance groups teach at your location for 6–10 weeks
Ageless Action – Using dance to practice and improve mobility and balance
Community Kinect – Using dance to instill lifelong enthusiasm for physical fitness
Workshops and Performances – Single Day Performances or Workshops

Throughout the year, Dance Parade commissions selected colorful Dance Organizations to educate and present the artistry of world dance to schools, senior and community centers.  Dance Parade’s certified educators have created a curriculum for students to learn about the world culture of a particular genre and then to learn and perform ethnic dances in the parade.

Three forms of Curriculum are offered: World Cultural, 20th Century American and Urban/Modern.  After school programs are offered from February to May and include costume making and participation in the annual parade.

Exposure to the creative process as it relates to dance: from conception, to reflection, to construction, critique, and public presentation
A greater comfort w

ith, and awareness of, their bodies in space as individuals and as a collective

Physical activity that supports coordination, flexibility and improved circulation and engaging explorations of meaningful ways to maintain fitness for a lifetime
A unique perspective on learning about and respecting history, progress and diversity by studying
the way a culture moves

All participants in Dance Parade’s Community Engagement Programs have the unique opportunity to dance alongside their teaching artists in our annual parade on Braodway and Festival in May!


Click here for our online brochure or contact Carlye Eckert, Director of Community Engagement Programs.


Spring Community Engagement Programs Brings Dance To Community Centers In All Five Boroughs!

Upon successful completion of our Fall/Winter Family Fitness Tour in Brooklyn, we are looking forward to our third year of spring residencies with the NYC Parks and Recreation Department afterschool programs! We plan to fund Dance Parade residencies to five community centers and two public schools this year. Beginning in April, selected Dance Parade groups will work with one site, preparing youth to dance alongside them in the parade. In addition, youth perform on our Family Stage at DanceFest in Tompkins Square Park which takes place on Saturday, May 20th immediately following The 11th Annual Dance Parade!
And there are other exciting opportunities in the works. Your group could be part of this very necessary and joyful work!
Dance Parade remains committed to promoting dance as an expressive and unifying art form not just once a year during our Parade and Festival, but year round. Dance Parade’s Community Engagement programs offer audiences of all ages and persuasions a variety of ways to experience the magic of the parade in their own communities – through residencies, workshops and performances by our talented and experienced performing groups.

Groups should be:

1. Willing to travel to any of the five boroughs
2. At least one teaching artist must commit to six consecutive weeks of afterschool classes
3. Ready to prepare residency participants to dance with your company along the parade route
4. Experienced teaching young people in community-based settings
We will waive your registration fee and offer additional technical and logistical assistance as you prepare the youth in your residency to dance alongside your group in May. All Community Engagement programs are compensated at very competitive rates.
CLICK TO REGISTER YOUR GROUP TODAY AND COMPLETE the Community Engagement section to be considered for these special programs.
Are you having a cultural or artistic event? Dance Parade can provide a program of dancers matching almost any theme or genre. Please see our Community Engagement Brochure for more information or contact