Parade Group Coordinator’s Meeting Thursday, March 19th @ Ripley Grier Studios 7:00pm


March Parade Group Coordinator’s Meeting!
Ripley Grier Studios
520 Eighth Avenue bet 36/37 streets, Room 17T
Thursday, March 19th, 7:00-8:00pm
*Orientation for the Parade, Festival and Community Engagement Programs.

*Learn how to get a fully decorated and pre-packaged Dance Parade Float.

*Find out more on how to get hired into our Community Engagement Programs.

*Meet other members of the Dance Parade Community to conspire to inspire, for collaboration and support!

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All Group Coordinators are required to attend at least one monthly meeting prior to participating in the parade. Although we will send group coordinators updates on Dance Parade information and happenings throughout the year, we will have monthly group coordinator meetings that are your opportunity to meet staff, learn more about the parade experience, order a parade float, have questions answered and build momentum — all are welcome!