TOAD, No Mere Amphibian… A Mobile Music & Art Installation Returns to Dance Parade


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The Toad’s new bike!

Originally spawned in Dance Parade 2011, TOAD will be turning 3 on Saturday May 18th! We will have a SPAWNING PARTY for TOAD on 21st and Broadway at high noon!   TOAD is a large mobile art and music installation, pulled by a bike and housing a custom built 1000 watt sound system and mind-blowing LED lighting, fog and lasers. And Karaoke. And flying servant animals.
TOAD was born out of a desire to bring the first ever mobile sound vehicle to the Frostburn festival in PA in February of 2011. TOAD was a huge hit at the festival and provided sound and lighting for the effigy burn, and delighting folks with its charm.

TOAD was the hit of the 2011 NYC Dance Parade and the DanceFest which followed in Tompkins Square Park.

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In June 2011, TOAD roamed Governor’s Island for three days as part of the FIGMENT NYC annual interactive art event. Toad played music all day and delighted the crowds with his hinged opening mouth and bright red tongue.

TOAD was a major participant in the 2011 PEX Summerfest in Darlington, MD. For three days, Toad hosted a number of excellent DJs and created a roving dance party which moved all over the campgrounds and even visited the Pool.


TOAD roamed the grounds at Escape2NY festival in Southhampton during August 2011, and was mentioned in Marie Claire, Vogue, the Huffington Post and other sources as one of the most unique elements of the festival, with Huffington Post declaring that the Toad “played some of the best music I heard all weekend”.

TOAD traveled all the way to Black Rock City, Nevada and camped with Kostume Kult for the 2011 Rites of Passage festival.

TOAD took some time off for the winter and returned to kick off the 2012 season with an appearance at Kostume Kult’s Horned Ball. TOAD was once again the life of the party at Dance Parade 2012 and a very welcome addition to Disorient’s Country Club.

TOAD had a spectacular two days at FIGMENT NYC, leading a large group of dancers in the peace parade and generally delighting everyone who came across it.

PEX Summerfest was once again a huge hit for TOAD, and now TOAD is getting ready for another epic year with new equipment and surprises in store!

Kostume Kult & TOAD Do Dance Parade 2012

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