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Be a *Star* -- Dance down Broadway!
Join over 10,000 dancers moving and grooving to over 75 styles of dance for the 11th Annual Dance Parade! Dance Parade is open to everyone who commits to DANCING in the Parade on Saturday May 20th, 2017. Dancing as an individual is FREE. Be a part of a Belly Dance Troupe, a Samba band, Hooping Group, Dance Studio, Burning Man camp, or with one of our Grand Marshals. All you have to do is join a Dance Group. To DANCE in the parade with a group simply fill out this form.
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 Note: Only groups that have already registered for the 2017 parade are shown. Additional groups may register. If the group you want to dance with is not shown try contacting the group directly and ask them to register.
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Don't forget to click on the [Register] button.