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The generosity of our MOVERS AND SHAKER donors make our education programs in schools and our annual Dance Parade and DanceFest possible.  Dance Parade, Inc is a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt organization serving the New York City dance community. Contributions made to Dance Parade, Inc are tax deductible to the extent allowed by the law.

To make a tax deductible donation using a credit card or PayPal account click here:

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To send a check, write it payable to “Dance Parade, Inc” and mail to our office at: 789 Westminster Road, 1st Fl – Brooklyn, NY 11230

2016 Supporters: 


Brandon Cotton and Brenda Neville

David and Tori Leventhal

Donna Woodruff

Drew Meeks and Gratitude NYC

Erik Slavin and Michelle Palmer

Iona Cabanos

Forney and Jane Miller

Jack Lehnert

James Schanz

Jerry Goldman

Kenneth Brown

Nicola Creary

Ozgul Ozcan

Rajeev Talreja

Rebecca Myles

Phil and Anne Ribolow

Samir Bitar in honor of Mahayana Landowne

Shireen Dickson

Susan and Tony Ellis

Marshall Crawford

Marlon Mills

James Schanz

Cherae Ward

2015 Supporters: 

Melchore Alvarez


Sue Avila

Peter Dolese

Barbara Glover

Valerie Goldburt

Edyne Gordon

David and Tori Leventhal

Christine Karch

Greg Miller

Phil and Anne Ribolow

Erik Bryan Slavin and Michelle Palmer

Bobby Speakerwire and Nancy Marie

Chileng Weng

Zen Digital


2014 Supporters: 

Albert Wilking Elisha Friedman Jonathon Horan Michael Olson
Alex Morton Erik Bryan Slavin Joseph McElroy Murray Halpern
Alex Naddafian Forney Miller Judy Atrubin Michael Valloney
Amanda Hogue Gail Esta Toonkel Judy Pritchett Nicole Tilar
Anonymous Genesis Fernandez Julie A. Miller Park McGinty
Benny Ledet Grace Hannon Kevin Wadalavage Paul Hines
Brenda and Brandon Neville Greg Miller Kristin Marting Paul Nagle
Brian Weng Hal Lamster Kristin Wynn Pete Dolece
Chiling Weng Heidy Torres Laura Torell Peter Zehren
Clair Seager Jane Miller Lewis Siris Philip Ribolow
Dan DeVos Janet Washington Luis Vargas Rebecca Myles
Daniel Zen Jeanette Dowling Madeline Fernandez Renee Allen
David Andrew Raper Jennifer Argenio Mahayana Landowne Rose Rubin Rivera
David Leventhal Jennifer Dunkl Marcia Monteiro Sarah Roberts
DJ McDonald Jernee Marjorie Liebman Shireen Dickson
Doris Chavez Jerry Goldman Martha Chapman So Danca
Douglas Drummond Joan Robins Melanie Barry Stacy Evans
Dr. Martha Eddy John Ellsworth Melchor Alvarez Stefan Pildes
Drew Meeks John Tepper Marlin Melissa Savadove Suzanne Zuckerman
Terry Browder


2013 Supporters:

Ajoy Mani DTK Chilling Jerry Goldman Martha Chapman
Aliesha Bryan Edward Chiquitucto Jessica Weiner Mihir Iyer
Amy Verabay Eli Yamin Jill Taub Drury Nick Wallace
Andrew Krauss Erik Bryan Slavin Joanna Swanson NYC Gratitude
Anita Tillman Forney and Jane Miller Joseph and Donna McElroy Park McGinty
Barbara Anglisz Greg Miller Karen Cohen Peter Dolce
Carol Hunter Hal Lamster Luis Vargas Phil and Ann Ribolow
Carolyn Grimaldi Maria Lomanto Mahayana Landowne Selino G.
Christopher Marlborough Haruyo Bonnell Marcia Monteiro Shireen Dickson
David Leventhal Jen Behr Maria Wolf Stefan Pildes
Deutsche Bank of Americas Foundation Jerry Eisner Marjorie Liebman Wictor Wasilewski


2012 Supporters: 

Alex Morton DTK Chiling
Andrew Krauss Forney and Jane Miller
Charles Evans Junior NYC Gratitude
Christopher Marborough Park McGinty
Deutsche Bank Americas Foundation Peter Zehren
Doris Chavez Phil Ribolow
Silvia Mazzarri


2011 Supporters:

Erik Bryan Slavin Silvia Mazzarri
Samir Bitar Charles Evans Jr.
Lois and Allen Kaminsky Phil and Ann Ribolow
Greg Miller Guy Shahar
Christopher Basuino Alex Morton
Christopher Marborough Forney and Jane Miller
Mike Shupe Jordan Reese
Sarah Haley


Thank you for supporting The New York Dance Parade!