2017 Dance Parade Participating Organizations:

155 Organizations will present 69 Unique Styles for the May 20th, 2017 Parade.
Name Style Dancers Website Twitter Facebook
5 Rhythms 5 Rhythms 260  
A Move Of God Dance School Creative Movement 20   
A.Stars Dance Team Hip-Hop 25   
ADF Dance and Fitness Co. Bollywood 10  
American Tap Dance Foundation Tap Dance 150
Anevay Dance Cadenzas Acro Jazz Hip-Hop 10
Applause Dance Company Hip-Hop 50
Art of Stepping Step 50  
Ballet Hispanico Flamenco 20   
Batala New York AfroBrazilian 60
Bedford Stuyvesant Collegiate Cheerleaders Cheerleading 10  
Behri Sri Lankan Dance and Drum Ensemble Sri Lankan 6  
Belly Dance by Caly Belly Dance 9   
Better Chinatown USA Traditional Chinese 200    
Beyond Dance African 14
Black Tie Dance Team Hip-Hop 15    
Born into the Arts Hip-Hop 50  
Boston Community Dance project Fusion 20  
Breaking Ground Dance Center Jazz 22
Bronx Envision Academy (BEA) Dance Company Jazz 10   
Calvinography Hip-Hop 20   
Capoeira Angola Center of Mestre João Grande Capoeira 50  
Caporales San Simon Virginia Caporales 50  
Center Of Attention Dance Company Majorette 30   
Chinelos de Morelos Mexican Carnival 30   
Chinese Exquisite Art Assemble Inc. Chinese 20   
CIP Lionesses Hip-Hop 7    
Clogging Connection Clogging 26    
Clowns Dance With You Clown Dance 10
Colors Of The Wind Dancers Chinese 20    
Coming Scope Dance Studio Hip-Hop 15  
Connecticut Dance Center Fusion 18  
Creative Camille Dancers Creative Movement 12    
D.R.E.A.M Team Acro Jazz Hip-Hop 4   
Dance Xross Fitness and Energy Dance Company Aerobic 10  
Dancehall Explosion with Rick Long Jamaican Dancehall 18  
Dances of Universal Peace Sacred 20    
Dancing Rubies Belly Dance 15  
Di Ngire Dance Compeny Costa Rican 15   
DivaDance Hip-Hop 20
DJDC-SparklingDivaz Majorette 40  
DXF and Energy Dance Company Hip-Hop 55  
Dynamic Dance Company Majorette 12    
Ecstatic Dance NYC Ecstatic 350   
Energy in the Middle Roller Disco 25  
Estrllas Cubana(Cuba Star) Afro Latino 10   
Experimental Dance Group Afro Latino 12
Explosive Dance Team Majorette 20    
Expolsive Dance Team Majorette 20   
Flowers of Hope NY ~other~ 40   
Flushing Dance Club 5 Rhythms 50   
FogoAzul NYC AfroBrazilian 100
Folk Dance Club - Kaleidoskope Slavic 15   
Fraternidad Alma Boliviana Caporales 40
Fraternidad Cultural Incallajta New York Bolivian Pujilay 45   
Fraternidad Cultural Pachamama NY Bolivian Tinkus 30    
Fraternidad Cultural Pasion Boliviana Bolivian Tinkus 40   
Fraternidad Folklorica Cultural RUPHAY Caporales 60    
Fraternidad Folklorica y Cultural Caporales San Simon filial NY Caporales 70   
Fraternidad Folklorica y Cultural Caporales Universitarios de San Simon Bloque N Caporales 40    
Fraternidad Tinkus San Simon USA (Ricardo Espinoza) Bolivian Tinkus 45  
Fusha Dance Company African 6  
Gift of Dance Fusion 20  
GRAND MARSHAL Maurice Hines (with the Manzari Brothers) Tap Dance 3   
GRAND MARSHAL Mestre João Grande Capoeira 10
Ground Breakers Dance Team Step 12
Halo Dance Crew Acro Jazz Hip-Hop 15  
Herencia Flamenco 15   
High Definition Dance Acro Jazz Hip-Hop 15  
Honey Art Center Inc Chinese 17   
House Coalition House 600  
House of Dance Philippines Fusion 12  
House of Ninja Voguer 20   
House of the Roses Creative Movement 10
I.S. 347 School of Humanities Dance Program Modern 15   
International Dancer Zaman Fusion 2
It Girlz Inc. Hip-Hop 10    
JNJ Dance Expressions Contemporary West African 25
Jules Of Queens Majorette 25    
Justice, Love & Liberty For All! Fusion 50  
Kaisokah Moko Jumbies USA inc/EnJ Productions Caribbean Dance 100   
Khaita Joyful dances Tibetan 18  
Kizomba Dance2Heartbeat Kizomba 20
Koin & Co Dancers Contemporary 20  
Konstruction Dance Company J-Sette 57  
Kostume Kult Burner Dance 100  
Kozmic Edge Hip-Hop 30  
KTMDI - Korean Traditional Music and Dance Institute Korean 15   
Ladies in Formation Hip-Hop 15    
LI Zumba Zumba 25    
Mallakhamb Federation USA Asian Indian 30  
Masala Bhangra Indian Bhangra 50
Mazarte Dance Company Inc. Mexican Carnival 12
Metropolidance & Pegs Metro Groove Groove 20
Morenada Bolivia USA Bolivian Morenada 40   
MPSD Genies Contemporary 25  
Na Oiwi NYC Polynesian 20   
Navatman Dance Company Indian Bharatnatyam 20  
Neville Dance Theatre Contemporary 4  
New York Chinese Cultural Center Chinese 2  
New York Mindful Capoeira Center Capoeira 12  
NIA Cavallaro Junior High School Dance Team Contemporary 20   
Ntrinsik Movement Afro Modern 20   
Ñukanchik LLacta Wawakuna Ecuadorian 15  
NY USA Dance Ballroom 50
NYC Tap Crew Tap Dance 30  
NYC Twerkout Twerking 20
Paul Taylor Teen Ensemble Modern 11  
PS 165 Edith K. Bergtraum School Jazz 30    
Rhythm Locura Salsa 12   
Rudanceny Ballroom 20
Rueda at the Park NY (RaP-NY) Afro Latino 20   
Ruphay Caporales 60  
Salay Pasion Bolivia USA Bolivian Pasion 40  
Samba Art & Culture by Danielle Lima Samba 30  
San Simon USA Caporales 100  
Saung Budaya Indonesian 25  
Seekers Of Knowledge Inc. Hip-Hop 25  
Setu Tribe Tribal 34  
SharQui - The Bellydance Workout® Belly Dance 20
Shot of Scotch Scottish 20
Sol Dance Center Salsa-Belly Dance 20  
Sonia Olla & Ismael Fernandez Flamenco Flamenco 15   
Spiral Effect Flagger 1   
Star Ray Dance Studio Traditional Chinese 20    
Stewarts School of Performing Arts Creative Movement 25  
Sunshine Dance Group Chinese 20   
SynKopate An NYC Tap Project - Peridance Capezio Center Tap Dance 22    
Taal Performing Arts Bollywood 12   
Takala Land Dance Studio Hip-Hop 30   
The Dance Gallery Ballet 20  
The Golden Dancerettes J-Sette 50   
The Hoop Movement Hoopers 200
The JunXion Global Bass 60
The Palace Dance Team Acro Jazz Hip-Hop 14    
The Pink Tutu Ballet Ballet 8
The Prancing Buckeyes Dance Team Majorette 30   
Tinkus San Simon Filial Virginia Bolivian Tinkus 75  
Toad Armada House 50   
ToneLove productions Inc Hustle 150
Trellys majorette Dance of arts Majorette 35    
Tropicalfete Body of Vibration Dance and Theater Caribbean Dance 15
Tryptinis Lithuanian 20    
Unity Dance Team Hip-Hop 14    
Urban Dance League Hip-Hop 25
Urban Grace Dance Hip-Hop 20
Vision Elite Royalty Dance Company Acro Jazz Hip-Hop 30  
Waterside Dance Hip-Hop 46    
West End Secondary School Jazz 15   
West Side Dancers Jazz 30  
World Dance Initiative - Karen Kriegel World Dance Korean 5   
Xdance Salsa 220  
Xochipilli Dance Ensemble Mexican Carnival 15  
Young Leaders Dance Company Hip-Hop 9    
Total Participants to date: 1555990