Get A Front Row Seat To Celebrate The Most Culturally Diverse Event In The World!


Join Emcee and DJ Booshwheelz as he announces
each group at the Grandstand.



On Saturday, May 16, 2015 get the best seat on the parade route as 10,000 dancers stop and perform in front of this year’s Grandstand! Watch 150 dance organizations be announced by our Emcee as they dance their way to Tompkins Square Park for DanceFest 2015. Bring your camera–there’s no other event quite like this one!

Get a front row seat to celebrate the most culturally diverse event in the world!

$35 to $100 Grandstand Tickets support the production of Dance Parade and DanceFest

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Where: The Grandstand will be stationed at the intersection of Eighth Street and University Place.

When: Seating begins at 1 PM
Why: This location is perfect for viewing the parade and is within walking distance of DanceFest, the post-parade festival in Tompkins Square Park. Our Master of Ceremonies will announce each group and all dancers will take their turn performing in front of the Grandstand.
Purpose: Funds raised from grandstand seating will support the cost of Dance Parade & Festival.


We will boogie our way down Broadway, hula, swing and Irish step our way past Union Square and into University Place. At Eighth Street (Grandstand Location) we will turn left and Salsa, Tango and Waltz East into Saint Marks Place. Our House, Techno and Disco floats will have afternoon shoppers wigglin as they watch us get down in the heart of the East Village. A straight shot from there brings us to DanceFest in Tompkins Square Park. At DanceFest we will come together and celebrate watching free dance performances, be able to take free dance lessons and enjoy a Dance Party.Our mission is to promote dance as an expressive and unifying art form by showcasing all forms of dance, educating the general public about the opportunity to experience dance and celebrate the diversity of dance. n1517991168_99679_7719
Price: Earlybird price of $35 and $50 the Day of the Parade.
Day of Parade ticket sales start at the grandstand at 1 PM. Space is limited.
Your contribution helps support Dance Parade.


click to check out DJ Booshwheelz on AUDIO DANCE PARADE, Dance Parade’s Podcast Series on Podomatic

The Grandstand will feature Emcee and DJ Booshwheelz to announce each group as they make their way past and begin the final throes of the parade, making a left on St. Mark’s Place towards DanceFest in Tompkins Square Park! Contact for more information!