Dance Parade 2011 Highlight : Magnificent Trailer for The 5th Annual Dance Parade & Festival by Joseph Tudtud


In sheer anticipation for The 7th Annual New York City Dance Parade & Festival on Saturday, May 18th,  we have been taking time to look back on all the magic we have created over the past six years and are simply baffled by the amount of talent, dedication, discipline and love for the art of dance that are participants, spectators and volunteers have profoundly shown us.  The energy, passion and joy that courses through Lower Manhattan is undeniably beautiful and invigorating as cultures, races, ethnicities, religions and creeds blend together down Broadway and into Tompkins Square Park in the unwavering proof that there is “Unity Through Dance”.   Aside from the vast talent and skill displayed by dance groups that participate in the parade each year and who perform on one of the stages at DanceFest in Tompkins Square,  we owe a huge amount of gratitude and praise for the artists out there who have used their craft to capture the seemingly endless amount of special moments that take place between 1:00pm when the parade begins to 7:00pm when the festival takes its final dance step.   These are the photographers and videographers, from professional to amateur, as well as the reporters, bloggers, radio disc jockeys and dance enthusiasts who make it a point to spread the word about Dance Parade and all that it entails.


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Comprised of hours and hours of footage from the 4th annual parade and festival in 2010,  the extremely talented Joseph Tudtud created a masterpiece of a trailer for The 5th Annual Parade & Festival.   Clocking in at a little over three minutes,  Mr. Tudtud managed to capture so many vastly different aspects of the parade and festival and pieced them all together in the resultof a gorgeously woven short film choreographed seamlessly with the stunning, suspenseful soundtrack that will guarantee many gasps and ear to ear smiles to anyone who decides to watch.   We hope to see you dancing in the streets, on stage, in the park or even in your mind on Saturday, May 18th for The 7th Annual New York CIty Dance Parade & Festival.   Now…sit back and watch.  We hope this video leaves you half as inspired as it does to us each and every time we watch it.



Check it out : 5th Annual NYC Dance Parade from Josephus Tudtud on Vimeo.

Dance Parade New York, the world’s only parade to exclusively celebrate and showcase the diversity of dance, will celebrate its 5th Year with tens of thousands of participants and spectators. The parade will celebrate more than 70 styles of dance and feature more than 200 groups. The parade is a colorful explosio

n of beautiful costumes, decorative floats, lively music and joyous dancers.

The post-parade festival in Tompkins Square Park will feature more than 25 live performances, as well as dance lessons, dance parties and kids activities.

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Video/Edit By: Josephus Tudtud
Soundtrack By: Pro Scores