Dance Parade 2011 Highlight : Girl Walk//All Day Chapter 9 “When Dancers Collide”


One of the most unexpected highlights of the 2011 parade happened much later than the parade itself.   Naturally procured for permission before this all took place,  a very unique film was being recorded on the streets of Manhattan the same day that The 5th Annual Dance Parade moved down Broadway towards the finish line of DanceFest in Tompkins Square Park.  The truly unique film, titled “Girl Walk//All Day”,  is actually described as “a dance music video of epic proportions.”



Throughout the film, the three main characters dance the entire time and their interactions vary from violent capoeira style and crunking to modern, ballet and freestyle.  The film by Jason Krupnick, which stars Anne Marsen as “the Girl”, Dai Omiya as “the Gentleman”, and John Doyle as “the Creep”, follows a day in the life of the Girl as she dances through New York City.


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Chapter 9 is the magic number as the main character/heroine stumbles upon The 5th Annual Dance Parade and the rest is history.  If you love dance and you love music, you should indulge in this extraordinary film with or without Dance Parade’s involvement or intervention.



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The soundtrack to the feature length music video is by Girl Talk called “All Day”.  All Day is the fifth album by American mash up musician Girl Talk, released by the record label Illegal Art on November 15, 2010 as a free download. The album consists of 372 overlapping samples of other artists’ songs.






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Girl Walk // All Day: Chapter 9 from Girl Walk // All Day on Vimeo.