BE A ‘STAR’ — Dance down Broadway and join over 10,000 dancers moving and grooving to over 80 styles of dance in the 13th Annual Dance Parade! Parade registration is open to everyone who commits to dancing in the Parade.  The registration fee for groups is $50 and an additional $85 if you will bring a vehicle to transport a sound system.  Under-resourced groups may apply for a scholarship fee waiver.  Come dance with us on Saturday, May 18th 2019!

Individual Dancer: Free

As a member of a group or newbie to a group. Everyone must register:

Individual Dancers can generally join Dance Groups who do not have coordinated costumes or choreography.  Join the parade and help grow dance culture in New York City and beyond!


Group: $50 + optional $85 vehicle

(i.e. Dance Company, School, Nightclub, Burning Man Camp, etc):

In addition to the promotional benefits from website & printed program listings, group registration also includes free registration for DanceFest at the conclusion of the parade and our Community Engagement Programs throughout the year. Both DanceFest and our Community Engagement Programs offer payments for teaching and performances.