Parade Group Coordinator Information

Dance Group Coordinator Meetings were held monthly, starting February 2018.

Deadlines for vehicle registration, float orders and festival stage submissions have past. Get in touch with if you have any questions.
If you missed our meetings, don’t worry: You can watch the synopsis of everything here:



WHEN: Saturday, May 21, 2018: 1-7PM RAIN OR SHINE!


Parade Group Coordinators: Please read this page in its entirety. We have also prepared a YouTube video for you that gives you an overview of the organization, our events and programs as well as a detailed rundown on the day of the parade:


10:00 AM – 11:00AM: Float/Vehicle Check-in: 22 Street and Park Avenue South

11:30 AM: Blocks A, B, C Group coordinator Check-in: 21st & Broadway

12:00 PM: Blocks D, E, F Group coordinator Check-in: 21st & Broadway

Individual Dancers Call time: 45 minutes before your step off time

12:30pm: All Sound checks completed – no sound for 30mins

12:45pm: Ribbon Cutting ceremony

1:00pm: Parade Starts

3PM – 6:55PM: DanceFest in Tompkins Square Park


Main Registration 21st & Broadway: Check-in for Groups, Grand Marshals, Press and VIPs. For your safety and efficiency, please only have the group coordinator and lead dancer check in your group, Lead Dancer of each group must wear a 3×5” sticker noting the Group Number with Block Letter and Number (to be provided.)

All individual dancers/members of a group should proceed to 21st Street where our team can assist in finding correct staging location.

Placement of Vehicles is separate from Individual Dancers for safety.


Vehicles Registration entrance22 Street and Park Avenue South: Vehicles will enter 22nd st from Park Avenue where drivers will receive their parade permit (for motorized vehicles) and be directed to their line-up position. Once placed, they must check in with the registration on 21st & Broadway.

All vehicles and floats will be inspected at 11AM and drivers with Drivers License and Proof of Insurance should be available and in their vehicles at that time. All drivers should be behind the wheel, ready to drive a full 30 minutes before step-off time. We have a very full vehicle line-up and it is very important to have drivers ready when vehicles leave 22nd street so that the parade doesn’t get delayed.

There is to be NO AMPLIFIED sound in the formation blocks, other than sound checks.



Vehicles will get a map on the day of directing you to your exact position.

22nd St between Broadway and Park Avenue South: Vehicles only (see map given)

21st St between Broadway and Park Ave South: Dancers Blocks A-C & E-F

21st St between Broadway and 5th Ave: Block D



Individual Dancers and Dance Groups will be responsible for lining up in the correct order

based on their Parade Order # on 21 Street. The DANCER ORDER CAPTAINS will be helping these groups and dancers line-up in the correct order and will have the parade order on hand for reference

There will be staff on both the dancer and vehicle streets to help you find your place in the line of march.

Groups with vehicles will be assisted in the line up in the correct order based on their Parade Order # on 22 Street. Keep in mind that some numbers might be skipped, not all groups have vehicles

The Parade will start when the PARADE START CAPTAIN “DANIEL” signals for the first groups to cross



Dancers must remain on floats at all times. Spacers will assist with maintaining the safety of dancers on the ground.

No items may be thrown off floats; please hand anything directly to spectators.



21st St and Broadway. Dancers and vehicles will be integrated (“zippered”) at this point.


PARADE ROUTE (Refer to Map at DanceParade.Org)

-Parade Route proceeds south on Broadway to Union Square, through Union Square West, continuing south to University Place.

-There is one block of cobblestone between 14th & 15th streets, watch your step.

-The Parade will then turn east on Eighth Street, which becomes Saint Marks Place and leads straight to Tompkins Square Park.

-Dancers will pass the Grandstand in Astor Place Plaza between Lafayette and 4th Avenue

-It will take your group between 1.5-2 hours to get through the whole parade route.



SPACERS are perhaps the most important of all Volunteer Staff; they keep the pace of the parade and are integral to your success on the route. Spacers will be interacting with dance groups closely as they maintain the distance between groups and the timing of the Parade.



We have a special ceremony for this year’s parade. Prior to heading down Broadway, we will have a minute of silence for all those who currently do not have peace and for those who can’t dance.


12:30pm – ALL SOUND OFF.

12:45pm- The Opening Ceremony will begin with the Whirling Dervishes and Dances of Universal Peace.

12:51 – Welcome speeches commence.

12:54 – Grand Marshal speeches.

12:58pm – All PGCs will get a text asking them to quiet their groups and be ready for the minute of silence.

12:59pm – Minute of Silence – Everyone in the Parade and Audience will put their hands high up into the air

1:00pm – Ribbon Cutting




All groups are given the option of performing a 40 second choreographed piece in front of the Grandstand at Astor Place Plaza (8th Street/Saint Marks between Lafayette Avenue and 4th Avenue)


If you DO have a 40 second (or less) choreographed piece please enter the area in front of the grandstand perform your routine and promptly continue on the parade route.  It will be timed and you are expected to comply with this.

If you DO NOT have a 40 second (or less) choreographed piece please move through the grandstand where you can wave at the spectators in the grandstand.


The GRANDSTAND will have Emcee Jerry Goldman who announces each group.  Groups will not be judged, spectators will include city officials and other Dance Parade VIPs. Tickets may be purchased from a link on our homepage at


We are dancers and we must MOVE People (if not, you will be ticketed by the Dance Police and sent to Dance Court).



-All sound needs to go off on Saint Marks midway between 1st Avenue & Avenue A.

-Our greeters team will have a “PLEASE TURN OFF YOUR SOUND” sign signalling the end.

-Groups dance straight into the Park from Saint Marks Place, entering from Avenue A (west

side of the park) At this point all vehicles must turn off their sounds as soon as they hit Avenue A.

-Vehicles will turn north on Avenue A and stop between 11 & 12 Street for vehicle breakdown (if needed).

-10th Street is a two way street and either side of 10th Street can be used for parking.

-Dancers riding on floats will disembark at Avenue A between 11th & 12th street.


The forecast for New York on Saturday May 20th is Sunny and 66 degrees F (19 degrees C), perfect dancing weather.  We would normally tell you that this is a rain or shine event but in fact it is a 100% Shine event, so no need to worry, only to dress to for the cool temperature.



Everyone is welcome to join us at the after party with musical stylings by DJs Frankie Bones, Ali Coleman, Michael Tr(otter) with visuals by VJ Krunch

Where: Nublu, 62 Avenue C  between 4/5th Streets nearby our festival in the East Village (note, this is a revised location)

Time: 8:00pm – 4am

Tickets: $15 in advance/$20 at the door,



Invite friends to our Social Media events and follow us at @DanceParadeNYC on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Tumblr. Don’t forget to use the hashtags #danceparadenyc as well as this year’s theme #DanceForPeace so we can find your posts and ‘like’ and share them!



Dance Parade Staff Members will be wearing white T-shirts with the 11th Annual Dance Parade “Dance For Peace” branding.

Staff will be located at the check-in tables (for groups, spacers, grand marshals, etc.) and on each of the staging streets.

In Tompkins Square Park, please visit the Dance Parade booth closest to Stage A in the bandshell.



A – 1 12:45 PM Dances of Universal Peace on foot 30 Sacred
A – 2 1:00 PM Khaita Joyful dances Not Sure Yet 18 Tibetan
A – 3 1:00 PM New York Mindful Capoeira Center on foot 12 Capoeira
A – 4 1:00 PM Capoeira Angola Center of Mestre Joao Grande on foot 75 Capoeira
A – 7 1:01 PM Community Engagement FLOAT with Float 20 Community
A – 8 1:02 PM Clowns Dance With You on foot 10 Clown Dance
A – 9 1:02 PM CE- Clearview Senior Center/Moving For Life on foot 30 Therapeutic Movement
A – 10 1:02 PM Beyond Dance SUV 12 Africa
A – 11 1:02 PM CE-JNJ Dance Expressions on foot/sound device 25 Contemporary West African
A – 12 1:03 PM CE- St. John’s Recreation Center on foot ? Congo
A – 13 1:03 PM CE-Fusha Dance Company on foot 7 Congo
A – 14 1:03 PM It Girlz Inc. Portable Speaker 10 Hip-Hop
A – 15 1:03 PM Lost Batallion Hall/Applause NYC on foot 50 Hip-Hop
A – 16 1:04 PM SynKopate An NYC Tap Project – Peridance Capezio Center on foot 22 Tap Dance
A – 17 1:04 PM Paul Taylor Teen Ensemble on foot 11 Modern
A – 18 1:05 PM The Pink Tutu Ballet on foot 8 Ballet
A – 19 1:05 PM FogoAzul NYC on foot (drums) 100 AfroBrazilian
A – 20 1:05 PM Fraternidad Tinkus San Simon USA (Ricardo Espinoza) SUV 45 Bolivian Tinkus
A – 21 1:06 PM Tropicalfete Body of Vibration Dance and Theater Own Float 15 Caribbean Dance
A – 23 1:06 PM Kostume Kult Pirate Ship FLOAT 500 Burner Dance
A – 24 1:07 PM Akim Funk Buddha on foot 1 Funkadelica
A – 25 1:07 PM TOAD Armada Art Car 50 House
A – 26 1:08 PM The Hoop Movement on foot 200 Hoopers
A – 27 1:08 PM Setu Tribe on foot 11 Tribal
A – 28 1:09 PM Behri Sri Lankan Dance and Drum Ensemble on foot 6 Sri Lankan
A – 29 1:09 PM Estrellas Cubanas on foot 10 Afro Latino
A – 30 1:09 PM Ft. Hamilton Senior Center/Marlon Mills on foot 10 Salsa
A – 30 1:10 PM Niall OLeary School of Dance Speaker/Hand Trolley 20 Irish Step
A – 32 1:10 PM Dance Xross Fitness and Energy Dance Company SUV 55 Hip-Hop
A – 33 1:11 PM Young Leaders Dance Company on foot 9 Hip-Hop
A – 34 1:11 PM Kozmic Edge on foot 30 Hip-Hop
A – 35 1:11 PM Flowers of Hope NY SUV 40 Community Fusion
A – 36 1:12 PM I’Raise on foot 8 Contemporary Jazz
A – 37 1:12 PM Shot of Scotch on foot 20 Scottish
A – 38 1:12 PM Clogging Connection Hand Trolley/Audio Cart 26 Clogging
A – 39 1:13 PM Tryptinis on foot 20 Lithuanian
A – 40 1:13 PM Mazarte Dance Company Inc. Vehicle / Sound unknown 17 Mexican Carnival
A – 41 1:13 PM Rye Neck Schools with Mazarte 50 Mexican Carnival
A – 42 1:14 PM Chinelos de Morelos Vehicle 30 Mexican Carnival
A – 43 1:14 PM Xochipilli Dance Ensemble on foot 15 Mexican Carnival
A – 44 1:14 PM Na Oiwi NYC Car 61 Polynesian
A – 45 1:15 PM SAGE/Spiral Effect (Flagging) on foot 2 Flaggers
B – 46 1:15 PM GRAND MARSHAL MAURICE HINES with Float 3 Shim Sham
B – 47 1:15 PM Manzari Brothers with Float 3 Shim Sham
B – 48 1:16 PM NYC Tap Crew FLOAT 30 Tap Dance
B – 49 1:16 PM American Tap Dance Foundation on foot 150 Tap Dance
B – 50 1:16 PM Ntrinsik Movement Vehicle 20 Afro Modern
B – 51 1:17 PM I.S. 347 School of Humanities Dance Program on foot 15 Modern
B – 52 1:17 PM Curet Dance Company (needs to register) on foot 15 Modern
B – 53 1:17 PM The Dance Gallery on foot 20 Ballet
B – 54 1:18 PM ADF Dance and Fitness Co. SUV 10 Bollywood
B – 55 1:18 PM Masala Bhangra Car 50 Indian Bhangra
B – 56 1:19 PM Dancing Rubies with Bellydance America on foot 25 Belly Dance
B – 57 1:19 PM Bellydance America with Bellydance America on foot 20 Belly Dance
B – 58 1:20 PM Red Dance Studio on foot 8 Chinese
B – 59 1:20 PM Renegade Virus Vehicle 15 Jamaican Dancehall
B – 60 1:20 PM Fraternidad Cultural Pasion Boliviana Pickup 40 Bolivian Tinkus
B – 61 1:21 PM Williamsbridge Oval on foot with SharQui Belly Dance 25 Belly Dance
B – 62 1:21 PM SharQui Belly Dance Audio cart(?) 20 Belly Dance
B – 63 1:21 PM House of Dance Philippines Audio cart(?) 14 Fusion
B – 64 1:22 PM International Dancer Zaman on foot 2 Fusion
B – 65 1:22 PM University Heights High School on foot 20 Hip-Hop
B – 66 1:22 PM Urban Dance League on foot 25 Hip-Hop
B – 67 1:23 PM High Definition Dance Van 15 Acro Jazz Hip-Hop
B – 68 1:23 PM Calvinography Vehicle(?) 20 Hip-Hop
B – 69 1:23 PM Coming Scope Dance Studio on foot 15 Hip-Hop
B – 70 1:24 PM CIP Lionesses on foot 7 Hip-Hop
B – 71 1:24 PM Unity Dance Team on foot 14 Hip-Hop
B – 72 1:24 PM Fraternidad Folklorica Cultural RUPHAY Pickup Truck 60 Caporales
C – 73 1:25 PM World Dance Initiative – Karen Kriegel World Dance on foot 5 Korean
C – 74 1:26 PM KTMDI – Korean Traditional Music and Dance Institute on foot 15 Korean
C – 75 1:26 PM MPSD Genies on foot 25 Contemporary
C – 76 1:26 PM NIA Cavallaro Junior Dance Team FLOAT 20 Contemporary
C – 77 1:27 PM Neville Dance Theatre on foot 4 Contemporary
C – 78 1:27 PM Gift of Dance DP Audio Cart 20 SunDance
C – 79 1:27 PM Sonia Olla & Ismael Fernandez Flamenco on foot 15 Flamenco
C – 80 1:28 PM NY USA Dance Car 50 Ballroom
C – 81 1:28 PM Rudanceny Audio Cart 20 Ballroom
C – 82 1:28 PM Rhythm Locura on foot 12 Salsa
C – 83 1:29 PM Breaking Ground Dance Center SUV 30 Jazz
C – 84 1:29 PM Seekers of Knowledge Inc. on foot 25 Hip-Hop
C – 85 1:29 PM Anevay Dance Cadenzas on foot 10 Acro Jazz Hip-Hop
C – 86 1:30 PM Koin & Co Dancers on foot 20 Contemporary
C – 87 1:30 PM DJDC-SparklingDivaz Audio Cart(?) 40 Majorette
C – 88 1:30 PM D.R.E.A.M Team on foot 4 Acro Jazz Hip-Hop
C – 89 1:31 PM Black Tie Dance Team on foot 15 Hip-Hop
C – 90 1:31 PM Takala Land Dance Studio on foot 30 Hip-Hop
C – 91 1:31 PM Passport to Taiwan on foot 15 Taiwanese
C – 92 1:32 PM Fraternidad Cultural Incallajta New York Vehicle 45 Bolivian Pujilay
C – 93 1:32 PM Kaisokah Moko Jumbies USA inc/EnJ Productions Vehicle 100 Caribbean Dance
C – 94 1:32 PM Navatman Dance Company on foot 20 Indian Bharatnatyam
C – 95 1:33 PM Boston Community Dance Project Audio Cart 20 Fusion
C – 96 1:33 PM Born Into the Arts on foot 50 Hip-Hop
C – 97 1:33 PM Falun Dafa FLOAT 100 Falun Dafa
C – 98 1:34 PM Salay Pasion Bolivia USA Pickup 40 Bolivian Pasion
C – 99 1:35 PM New York Chinese Cultural Center on foot 8 Chinese
C – 100 1:35 PM Honey Art Center Inc on foot 17 Chinese
C – 101 1:35 PM House of The Roses Audio Cart/Speaker 10 Creative Movement
C – 102 1:36 PM Creative Camille Dancers on foot 12 Creative Movement
C – 103 1:36 PM A Move of God Dance School Pickup Truck 25 Creative Movement
C – 104 1:36 PM Taal Performing Arts on foot 12 Bollywood
C – 105 1:37 PM Di Ngire Dance Company on foot 15 Costa Rican
C – 106 1:37 PM Fraternidad Folklorica y Cultural Caporales Universitarios de San Simon Bloque N Pickup 40 Caporales
C – 107 1:37 PM The Palace Dance Team on foot 14 Acro Jazz Hip-Hop
C – 108 1:38 PM Explosive Dance Team Vehicle 20 Majorette
C – 109 1:38 PM Halo Dance Crew on foot 15 Acro Jazz Hip-Hop
C – 110 1:38 PM DivaDance on foot 20 Hip-Hop
C – 111 1:39 PM The Golden Dancerettes on foot 50 J-Sette
C – 112 1:39 PM West End Secondary School Speaker 15 Jazz
D – 113 1:39 PM Ground Breakers Dance Team on foot 18 Step
D – 114 1:40 PM Art of Stepping on foot 100 Step
D – 115 1:40 PM Bedford Stuyvesant Collegiate Cheerleaders on foot 10 Cheer
D – 116 1:41 PM Connecticut Dance Center SUV 18 Fusion
D – 117 1:41 PM Ballet Hispanico on foot 15 Flamenco
D – 118 1:41 PM Folk Dance Club – Kaleidoskope Vehicle 15 Slavic
D – 119 1:42 PM Fraternidad Folklorica y Cultural Caporales San Simon filial NY Pickup 70 Caporales
D – 120 1:43 PM Energy in the Middle with House Coalition 39 Roller Disco
D – 121 1:43 PM House Coalition FLOAT 600 House
D – 122 1:44 PM NYC Artists Coalition with House Coalition 30 Creative Movement
D – 123 1:44 PM Dance Liberation Network with House Coaltion 11 Techno
D – 124 1:45 PM House of Ninja with House Coalition 20 Voguers
D – 125 1:45 PM Ladies in Formation with House of Ninja 15 Hip-Hop
D – 126 1:45 PM Dance Liberation Network with House Coaltion 11 Techno
D – 127 1:46 PM Fraternidad Cultural Pachamama NY Pickup 30 Bolivian Tinkus
D – 128 1:46 PM Batala New York on foot 99 AfroBrazilian
D – 129 1:46 PM Samba Art & Culture by Danielle Lima on foot 30 Samba
D – 130 1:47 PM Tinkus San Simon Filial Virginia on foot 75 Bolivian Tinkus
E – 131 1:47 PM Konstruction Dance Company Vehicle? 57 J-Sette
E – 132 1:47 PM Vision Elite Royalty Dance Company SUV 30 Acro Jazz Hip-Hop
E – 133 1:48 PM Bronx Envision Academy on foot 10 Jazz
E – 134 1:48 PM PS 165 Edith K. Bergtraum School on foot 30 Jazz
E – 135 1:49 PM Sunshine Dance Group Speaker 20 Chinese
E – 136 1:50 PM NY Poetic & Cultural Association on foot 10 Chinese
E – 137 1:50 PM Star Ray Dance Studio on foot 20 Traditional Chinese
E-137.5 2:06 PM Better Chinatown USA on foot 200 Traditional Chinese
E – 138 1:51 PM Fraternidad Alma Boliviana Pickup 40 Caporales
E – 139 1:52 PM A.Stars Dance Team on foot/Audio cart? 25 Hip-Hop
E – 140 1:53 PM LI Zumba on foot 25 Zumba
E – 141 1:53 PM NYC Twerkout on foot 20 Twerking
E – 142 1:54 PM Center of Attention Dance Company SUV 30 Majorette
E – 143 1:55 PM Jules of Queens on foot 25 Majorette
E – 144 1:55 PM Caporales San Simon Virginia on foot 50 Caporales
E – 145 1:56 PM The Prancing Buckeyes Dance Team on foot 30 Majorette
E – 146 1:57 PM Dynamic Dance Company Vehicle? 12 Majorette
E – 147 1:57 PM Flushing Dance Club on foot 50 Contemporary Ethnic Fusion
E – 148 1:58 PM Experimental Dance Group Pickup 12 Afro Latino
E – 149 1:59 PM Saya Afro Boliviana on foot 10 Afro Latino
E – 150 1:59 PM Rueda at the Park NY (RaP-NY) on foot 20 Afro Latino
E – 151 2:00 PM Morenada Bolivia USA Pickup 40 Bolivian Morenada
F – 152 2:01 PM Samiras School of Belly Dance Pickup 14 Belly Dance
F – 153 2:01 PM Belly Dance by Caly on foot 9 Belly Dance
F – 154 2:02 PM San Simon USA Pickup 100 Caporales
F – 155 2:03 PM Kizomba Dance2Heartbeat Pickup 50 Kizomba
F – 156 2:03 PM Xdance Pickup 220 Salsa
F – 157 2:04 PM Sol Dance Center on foot 20 Salsa-Belly Dance Fusion
F – 158 2:05 PM Ñukanchik LLacta Wawakuna SUV 15 Ecuadorian
F – 159 2:06 PM ToneLove Productions Inc Own Float 150 Hustle
F – 160 2:06 PM Metropolidance & Pegs Metro Groove on foot 20 Groove
F – 162 2:07 PM Diablada artística Urus Virginia usa on foot 35 Bolivian Pasion
F – 163 2:07 PM Allure Dance NYC on foot 15 Urban Burlesque
F – 164 2:07 PM 5Rhythms FLOAT 260 5Rhythms
F – 165 2:08 PM Justice, Love & Liberty For All! Bikes 50 Fusion
F – 166 2:08 PM Ecstatic Dance Bus 350 Ecstatic Dance
F – 167 2:09 PM The Juxion Bus 60 Global Bass



Each Dance Group Coordinator is given a sticker with a letter-number combination, with A – 1 being the first group in the parade, and A – 2 being the second group in the parade, etc. Each section will be divided into BLOCKS A-F

Individuals from Blocks A-C & E-F will line up on 21st Street between Park Ave and Broadway. 22nd Street is reserved for vehicles and floats.

BLOCK “D” is an exception, In BLOCK D all Floats, buses and dancers will line up together.



The order has been determined based on Festival Participation and having groups that need to share sound together.  If you have sound in the parade and the group in front or behind you does not, please welcome them to dance with you!

Note: Following order is subject to change, please check our website prior to parade day.



The Parade will end at Tompkins Square Park, where the post-parade DanceFest will take place, complete with a DJ’ed dance party, a teaching area with dance classes, “Experience Dance” booths, site specific performances and dance performances on two stages.

The performance times indicated below represent the final assignments per the curation committee. Groups are expected to check in with the stage manager 30 minutes prior to their scheduled time on stage. There will be a green room next to each Stage. Please be aware that the schedule may fluctuate slightly due to unforeseen circumstances. Groups need to bring their music to the stage manager when they check in. We suggest both an mp3 accessible file (Ipod, mp3 player, flash drive, etc) as well as on a CD as a back-up.




Teaching Stage:

3:00 NYC Twerkout
3:30 House, James ”Cricket” Colter
4:00 Masala Bhangra
4:30 Triptynis (Lithuanian)
5:00 Marlon Proverbs , Broadway Dance Center
5:30 Ntrinsik Movement (modern/contemporary)
6:00 5 Rhythms, Kierra Foster-Ba
6:30 Hawaiian Hula, (Kaina Quenga/Na Oiwi)


Main Stage:

3:00 FogoAzul NYC (AfroBrazilian)
3:06 MC Welcome & Introduction
3:08 SynKopate An NYC Tap Project – Peridance Capezio Center
3:16 Paul Taylor Teen Ensemble (Modern)
3:27 Behri Sri Lankan Dance and Drum Ensemble
3:35 The Pink Tutu Ballet
3:40 Setu Tribe (tribal)
3:49 Shot of Scotch (Scottish)
3:56 Na Oiwi NYC (Polynesian)
4:05 Estrellas Cubanas (Cuban Comparsa)
4:14 Dancing Rubies (Bollywood/fusion)
4:21 Ntrinsik Movement (modern/contemporary)
4:29 NYC Tap Crew
4:32 Grand Marshal Maurice Hines & Manzari Bros.(Tap)
4:39 Grand Marshal João Grande (Capoeira)
4:50 Grand Marshals Rosie Mendez and Frankie Bones
4:55 House of Dance Philippines (fusion)
5:00 International Dancer Zaman (fusion)
5:06 Sonia Olla & Ismael Fernandez Flamenco
5:13 Beyond Dance (African)
5:19 Takala Land Dance Studio (Hip Hop)
5:27 Navatman Dance Company (Indian)
5:31 Boston Community Dance Project (contemporary, fusion)
5:39 New York Chinese Cultural Center (Chinese)
5:45 Born into the Arts (Hip Hop)
5:54 Di Ngire Dance Compeny (Costa Rican)
6:02 Triptynis (Lithuanina)
6:08 Koin & Co Dancers (contemporary)
6:17 ADF Dance and Fitness (Bollywood fusion)
6:24 DivaDance (Hip Hop)
6:30 Ballet Hispanico (Flamenco)
6:37 Energy in the Middle (roller disco)
6:45 House of Ninja (Voguing)
6:50 Dance Parade Board Staff & Volunteers


Family Stage:

3:00 MC Carlye Eckert Welcome and Intro
3:03 JNJ Dance Expressions (Hip Hop)
3:09 Clearview Senior Center/Moving For Life (therapeutic movement)
3:20 IS 347/Curet Dance Company (Modern)
3:31 Ft. Hamilton Senior Center/Marlon Mills (Salsa)
3:42 Lost Batallion Hall/Applause Dance Co.(Hip Hop)
3:52 SAGE/Spiral Effect (Flagging)
3:58 Rye Neck Schools/Mazarte Dance Company (Mexican Folk Dance)
4:09 Williamsbridge Oval/SharQui Belly Dance
4:20 University Heights High School/Urban Dance League (Hip Hop)
4:31 Clogging Connection
4:34 The Dance Gallery (Ballet)
4:39 Flushing Dance Club (latin)
4:45 NIA Cavallaro Junior Dance Team (Contemporary
4:50 Anevay Dance (Acro Jazz/Hip hop)
4:58 Rudanceny (Ballroom)
5:03 The Palace Dance Team (Acro jazz Hip Hop)
5:09 High Definition Dance (Jazz/Hip Hop)
5:17 ADF Dance and Fitness (Bollywood fusion)
5:21 House Of Roses (Creative Movement)
5:27 Expolsive Dance Team (Majorette Hip Hop)
5:33 Coming Scope (Hip Hop)
5:37 A Move Of God Dance School (Creative Movement)
5:45 Halo Dance Crew (Acro jazz Hip Hop)
5:50 DJDC-SparklingDivaz (Hip Hop)
5:59 Ground Breakers Dance Team (Step)
6:05 NYC Tap Crew/MTV Hip Hop
6:09 NYC Tap Crew
6:12 Breaking Ground Dance Center (Jazz)
6:18 Vision Elite Royalty Dance Company (Acro jazz Hip Hop)
6:23 Sunshine Dance Group (Chinese Peacock Dance)
6:30 New York Mindful Capoeira
6:39 Justice, Love & Liberty For All! (fusion)
6:45 LI Zumba
6:51 Fusha Dance Company (African)


Site Specific:

Area A – Tropicalfete Body of Vibration Dance and Theater
Area B Tryptinis
Area C Dances of Universal Peace
Area D  
Area E Chartwell Dutiro & MAWU Dance
Area F Toad Armada
Area G  
Area H New York Mindful Capoeira



  • Costumes! Remember, parades are spectacles – let’s give the audience a show! However, please remember that this is an all-inclusive, family-friendly event and we want to highlight ourselves and our love of dance in the most positive ways. If you are not wearing your costume to the parade consider how you will change into it.
  • Weather contingencies: The forecast is Partly Cloudy and 67 degrees. Wear sunscreen, head covering, towels to wipe that sweat off, plastic poncho, etc.
  • Comfortable shoes. You will more than likely be on your feet dancing the entire day. Get ready!
  • Water (and something to carry it in if you want your hands free).
  • A banner to lead your group and/or your group’s promotional materials. Although you

cannot display your items unless you sponsor an “Experience Dance” booth, you are welcome to hand out your literature along the route

  • Something/someone to manage your group’s belongings (if they can’t be locked into a car or stored on a float) as you travel on the route
  • The formation area will have two bathrooms and so will the park.
  • Most of the businesses in the area open at 10AM. Please be respectful of

their livelihoods by remaining in the formation areas.

  • The parade is about celebrating diversity and inclusion, and experiencing discoveries as a community. We encourage you to share your work and message with others and take full advantage of the resources that so many talented and dedicated dancers bring together for one magical day!    

Email :