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May 2oth 2017 Dance Parade / Festival Hotline: (267) 350-9213

Press Relations:

Volunteers: Howard Gibbs-Hobgood, Volunteer Coordinator

Marketing / Photos: Chauncey Daindridge, Marketing Committee

Sponsorship Inquiries: Greg Miller, Executive Director

Website Adjustments: Hal Lamster, Webmaster

Community Engagement: Carlye Eckert, Education Outreach Director

Parade Production: Jenny Boissiere Parade Production Lead

Festival Curation: Mark Schmidt: Festival Curatorial Vice Chair


Festival Performance: DJ McDonald, Festival Curatorial Chair

Grandstand Questions: Hal Lamster

Finance Director: Bianca Rodriguez, Chair

For answers to questions that don’t fit the above?:
Contact Greg Miller Executive Director


Mailing Address:
Dance Parade, Inc.
789 Westminster Road, 1st Fl
Brooklyn, NY 11230