Chauncey Chat : Interview with Grandstand MC & DJ BooshWheelz!

Dance Parade’s Social Media Maestro and DJ himself Chauncey D had the distinct opportunity to ask returning DJ & MC of the Dance Parade Grandstand some interesting questions about his experience with Dance Parade and his reason for doing what he does well.   Here is an exclusive Chauncey Chat with DJ BooshWheelz!

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How did you first find out about Dance Parade?
I found out about Dance Parade in 2010 from a very good friend of mine named Brian K. Austin aka MC Aero who is actively involved with Dance Parade. The day he told me about it and I was sold! I came out and danced with the House Music Float. Jellybean Benitez was the DJ that year… HE KILLED IT!!!


What made you want to get involved?
I love music and I love to dance. I love to watch people dance. I think it is our most natural form of expression other than gestures. If I can influence people and encourage them to dance in any way possible, I’m SOLD!!!


You were the very first MC to work the crowd at Dance Parade’s Grandstand at Astor Place last year, how would you describe your experience watching Dance Parade as it turns onto St. Mark’s Place towards Tompkins Square Park?

The experience was fifty thousand leagues beyond breathtaking. There were moments where it was actually hard to focus on what I was doing because the dancers were so amazing!


You’ve spun all over the globe and at various types of venues, what makes the crowd of spectators at Dance Parade different?
The diversity… Dance parade brings all of the dance styles and cultures together on one day. I have never seen anything like it.

You’ll be returning this year as MC and DJ at this year’s Grandstand. What made you want to come back?

Are you kidding? What would make me NOT want to come back should be the question! The love from and for the dancers, the crowd’s responsiveness, the energy… Nothing short of wonderous!! Am I being too wordy?


Did you have any stand out favourite dance groups during last year’s parade?

There were a few that really stood out for me… Some of the Swing people were absolutely incredible, the Belly Dancers… YUMMY! The Roller Skaters…. The Hula Hoopers…. the Kanga people… BANANAS!! But I believe my favorite were the Bolivianos… There were quite a few troupes of them… Their colorful outfits were unbelievable and the choreography and timing were impeccable!!


Now for the music….What type of music should one expect to hear at one of your gigs?

It depends on where I’m spinning and what I am booked for but I am best known for Deep/Soulful House Music. I was resident DJ for “A Monthly Bondfire” at Bowery Poetry Club for two years before the event retired this past February.

You’ve been at the craft for a while now, can you tell us the difference in the scene now compared to when you first became a DJ?

The scene has become super competitive with the advent of Virtual DJing. Now everyone with a laptop and internet access can be a “DJ” there is a lost art of spinning vinyl and beat matching with creative off the cuff mixes that is starting to become a rare find. There are a lot more parties but a lot less creativity in the mixes. Things have really changed with technology. One thing remains stable though… People love to DANCE!!!


Name three tracks that are really making a heavy rotation in your sets?

CREAM (Original Mix) by Claptone
SUMBACK by Aera and Marc Schneider
3 Weeks Later by FL Jones


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Aside from your new mix featured on AUDIO DANCE PARADE where else can one hear your sets online?

You can always look me up at my official website
I am also on SoundCloud


I also have a featured blog on Home4House

When I post new I will announce them on so follow me @DJBooshWheelz


When and where is your next gig?

My next gig is in Prague, Czech Republic on April 27th. I have a few dates there, in Berlin Germany and Lyon, France. I am returning to NYC just for Dance Parade. Then I will head back out on the road.


Lastly, if you were to pitch the parade and festival to someone on the street…what would you say?

No ifs, ands or buts, Dance Parade is where you need to be on May 16th. It will blow your mind and captivate your soul. There is no event like it on the planet!!!  You will see things you never imagined in your life.

-DJ BooshWheelz

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